The Hindu & Other Newspapers’ Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams. ” The More You Read, The More You Learn”.
  • Ammunition (Noun) : गोला बारूद
    Synonyms: Armament, Cartridge
  • Sulky (Adjective) : उदास : morose, bad-tempered, and resentful; refusing to be cooperative or cheerful.
    Synonyms: Sullen, surly, pouting, petulant
  • DILIGENT (ADJECTIVE): (मेहनती): hard-working
    Synonyms: industrious, assiduous
  • Inchoate (adjective) ; प्रारंभिक : just begun and so not fully formed or developed; rudimentary.
    Synonyms: budding, inceptive, incipient, nascent
  • HEGEMONY (NOUN): (नेतृत्व): leadership
    Synonyms: dominance, dominion
  • AMNESTY (NOUN): (सर्व-क्षमा): pardon
    Synonyms: reprieve, release
  • DEFER (VERB): (प्राप्ति): yield
    Synonyms: submit, give way
  • INCEPTION (NOUN): (आरंभ): establishment
    Synonyms: institution, foundation
  • Substantive (adjective) ; मूल : having a firm basis in reality and so important, meaningful, or considerable.
    Synonym: biggish, considerable
  • NTENTIOUS (ADJECTIVE): (विवादास्पद): controversial
    Synonyms: disputable debatable
  • ENGENDER (ADJECTIVE): (जन्माना): cause
    Synonyms: produce, create
  • Peculiar (Adjective) : अनोखा : different to what is normal or expected; strange.
    Synonyms: strange, unusual, curious, abnormal
  • Pander (Verb) : बढ़ावा देना/ ख़ुश करना : gratify or indulge (an immoral or distasteful desire or taste or a person with such a desire or taste).
    Synonyms: indulge, gratify, fulfill, humor
  • Throng (Noun) ; भीड़ : A crowd of people or animals
    Synonym: stream, swarm, flock,
  • EXPEDITE (VERB): (शीघ्र): accelerate
    Synonyms: speed up, hurry
  • Accrual (Noun) ; परिणाम : the accumulation or increase of something over time, especially payments or benefits.
    Synonym: result, arise
  • CONUNDRUM (NOUN): (पहेली): enigma
    Synonyms: paradox, problem
  • Conflate (verb) ; मिलाना : combine (two or more sets of information, texts, ideas, etc.) into one.
    Synonyms: amalgamate, converge, unify, fuse.

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