Daily Vocabulary for UPSC, SSC, Banking, CDS, NDA, C-TET and All Other Competitive Exams | 17-02-2020 | The More You Read, The More You Learn.

  • SORDID (adjective) : घिनौना : dirty or squalid.
    Synonym: filthy, muddy, grubby, shabby.


  • Piquant (Adjective) : सरस : having a pleasantly sharp taste or appetizing flavour., pleasantly stimulating or exciting to the mind.
    Synonym: poignant, intriguing, stimulating, interesting, fascinating, zesty


  • WRETCHED(Adjective) : मनहूस : unpleasant or of low quality
    Synonyms: abject, deplorable


  • PROPONENT (NOUN): (समर्थक): supporter
     upholder, exponent


  • Gob­smacked (adjective) : चकित : utterly astonished; astounded.
    Synonym: astonished, surprised


  • BUCOLIC (adjective) : ग्राम्य : relating to the pleasant aspects of the countryside and country life.
    Synonyms: rustic, rural, pastoral, country


  • INCONSPICUOUS (ADJECTIVE): (अगोचर): unnoticeable
    Synonyms: unobtrusive, unremarkable


  • Marauder (noun) : लूटेरा : a person who marauds; a raider.
    Synonym: raider, plunderer,


  • STAMPEDE (NOUN): (भगदड़): panic
    Synonyms: rush, flight


  • Protracted (adjective) फैला हुआ : lasting for a long time or longer than expected or usual.
    Synonyms: expanded, lasting, prolonged, sustained.


  • SANCTIFY (VERB): (शुद्ध करना): consecrate
    Synonyms: bless, ordain


  • Plaintive (Adjective) : दर्दनाक : expressing suffering or sadness, sounding sad and mournful.
    Synonym: aching, agonized, bitter, wistful, doleful, pathetic, pitiful, piteous, melancholy, lamentable


  • COERCIVE (ADJECTIVE): (बलपूर्वक): persistent
    Synonyms: insistent, pressing


  • Contrition:(Noun) : पछतावा : the state of feeling sorry for bad behaviour : the state of repentance.
    Synonyms: contriteness, guilt, penitence, regret, repentance


  • OUTLAY (NOUN): (व्यय): expenditure
    Synonyms: expenses, spending


  • Scurrilous (Adjective) : मिथ्या : Making or spreading scandalous claims about someone with the intention of damaging their reputation.
    Synonym: abusive, vituperative, derogatory, disparaging


  • Downright (adjective) सर्वथा : (of something bad or unpleasant) utter; complete (used for emphasis).
    Synonyms: total, absolute, thorough, perfect, sheer.


  • Pulsating (verb) : स्पंदनशील : expand and contract with strong regular movements.
    Synonym: palpitate, pulse


  • ADHERE (VERB): (पालन ​​करना): abide by
    Synonyms: stick to, hold to

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