CONCEDE (verb) : मेल खाना : admit or agree that something is true after first denying or resisting it.
Synonyms : accept, admit, allow, capitulate

CORNUCOPIA (NOUN): (प्रचुरता) : Abundance
Synonyms: bounty, fullness 

GRATIS (ADJECTIVE): free:(मुफ़्त)
Synonyms: complementary, costless

INVIGORATE(Verb) :  सबल बनाना : to give life, vigor, or spirit to
Synonym: amp (up), animate, brace, energize, enliven, fillip, fire

UNLETTERED (ADJECTIVE): (निरक्षर) : Uneducated
Synonyms: ignorant, illiterate 

RAMPANT (NOUN): flourishing or spreading unchecked:(अनियंत्रित)
Synonyms: uncontrolled, unbridled

BLEAK (ADJECTIVE): (बेरंग/ सूना): dismal

EPHEMERAL (Adjective) : अस्थायी : Lasting for short time
Synonyms: Temporary, Short-lived, transient.

CUTTING EDGE (adjective) : अग्रणी : highly advanced; innovative or pioneering.
Synonyms: a progressive, revolutionary, trailblazing, novel.

DISSIDENCE (Noun) : मतभेद : disagreement over a matter
Synonyms: contention, disagreement, discordance, disharmony, dispute

ABOUND (VERB): (प्रचुर मात्रा में होना): proliferate
Synonyms: thrive, flourish 

ALACRITY (noun) : तत्परता : cheerful readiness, promptness, or willingness.
Synonyms: alertness, avidity, briskness, cheerfulness, dispatch, eagerness

CAPACIOUS (adjective) : विशाल : having a lot of space inside, roomy.
Synonyms: roomy, commodious, spacious, ample.

JARGON (noun) : शब्दजाल : the special terms or expressions of a particular group or field.
Synonyms: dialect, terminology, vocabulary, vernacular.

DAWDLE (VERB): waste time:(समय नष्ट करना)
Synonyms: laze, saunter

SCURRY (VERB): move along swiftly:(शीघ्र चलना)
Synonyms: scamper, dash

DENIGRATION (NOUN): belittlement:(बदनामी)
Synonyms: defamation, ridicule

ETHEREAL (ADJECTIVE): (कोमल): Extremely delicate 
Synonyms: light, sublime 

DRUDGERY (NOUN): tedious work:(कठिन परिश्रम)
Synonyms: labor, travail

DISCREET (adjective) : विचारशील : careful and prudent in one’s speech or actions, especially in order to keep something confidential or to avoid embarrassment.
Synonyms: careful, circumspect, cautious, wary.

ORDEAL (NOUN): unpleasant and prolonged experience:(कठिन परीक्षा)
Synonym: difficulty, trouble

FATHOM (VERB): to understand after much thought:(पूर्ण रूप से समझना)
Synonyms: comprehend grasp

SHREWD(Adjective) :  चालाक : having or showing sharp powers of judgment; astute.
Synonyms: astute, sharp-witted, sharp, acute, intelligent

LIMPID (ADJECTIVE): clear, transparent:(पारदर्शक)
Synonyms: comprehensible, lucid

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