One Liners [03-02-2020]

  • The 21st Kala Ghoda Arts Festival was inaugurated in the city on 1 February 2020 – Mumbai
  • Envisage of total outlay in Union Budget for FY 2020-21 – Rs 30,42,230 crore
  • Amount allocated for Defense (excluding Defense Pension) in the Union Budget for the financial year 2020-21 – Rs.3,37,553 crore (For Defense Pension: Rs. 1,33,825 crore)
  • New Chairman of Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBITC) – M Ajit Kumar
  • Venue of ‘India-Africa Defense Council’ to be held during the period of 5-9 February 2020 – Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
  • The Ministry of Finance submitted a proposal to establish this institute with the status of a deemed university under the Ministry of Culture – Indian Institute of Heritage and Promotion
  • Ministry of Finance announced this scheme to provide increased insurance for small exporters and reduce premium – Nirvik / Nirvik Yojana (Export Credit Development Scheme)
  • India’s next High Commissioner in Sri Lanka – Gopal Bagle
  • Winner of the “World Peace Envoy” Award instituted by the Passion Vista Institute in Los Angeles (USA) – Mr. Saini (Miss World America Washington)
  • Iraq’s new Prime Minister – Mohammed Allawi
  • Winner of the first ‘Motherland Book of the Year’ award given in Thiruvananthapuram – Hindi poet-novelist Vinod Kumar Shukla (for the translated book “Blue is like Blue”)
  • Actor who won National Kishore Kumar honor of Madhya Pradesh government for 2018 – Waheeda Rehman
  • Official mascot for the 2020 National Games to be played in Goa – Rubigula (Flame-throated Bulbul)
  • Winner of Men’s Singles Competition in 81st National Table Tennis Championship played in Hyderabad – Harmeet Desai
  • Winner of women’s singles competition in 81st National Table Tennis Championship – Sutirth Mukherjee
  • Theme for World Wetlands Day (2 February 2020) – “Wetlands and Biodiversity”
  • This country is preparing to be released into space by the new scientific observation satellite ‘Simorgh’ launcher named ‘Zafar (Victory in Persian)’ – Iran
  • Winner of men’s singles tennis competition at ‘Australian Open 2020’ – Novak Djokovic of Serbia (2nd consecutive win and 17th Grand Slam trophy overall)
  • The Indian Olympic Association has invited this Indian to be the goodwill ambassador of the Indian contingent at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games which will be held from July 24 to August 9 – Sourav Ganguly (President of BCCI)

Daily General Knowledge Dose

  • Indian Olympic Association (IOA) – Established: 1924; Location: Delhi
  • The Olympic Games are held every ___ years – four (with the Summer and Winter Games every four years but with a gap of two years in both).
  • The first modern Olympic Games organized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) – the year 1896 (in Athens)
  • Goa’s State Bird – Rubigula (Flame-throated Bulbul)
  • Acceptance of International Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar Agreement) – 2 February 1971
  • Grand Slam (tennis) – Australian Open (mid-January), French Open (in May-June), Wimbledon (in June-July), US Open (in August-September)
  • International Olympic Committee (IOC) – Established: 23 June 1894; Headquarters: Lausanne, Switzerland; Founder: Baron Pierre de Coubertin (French)

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