The Hindu Editorial Vocab (Long overdue) – August 02, 2021

  1. Overdue (adjective) – late, long-delayed, belated, tardy.
  2. All-India quota (aiq) (noun) – the all India quota (aiq) scheme was introduced in 1986 under the directions of the hon’ble supreme court to provide for domicile-free merit based opportunities to students from any state to aspire to study in a good medical college located in another state. All India quota consists of 15% of total available ug seats and 50% of total available pg seats in government medical colleges. Initially, there was no reservation in aiq scheme up to 2007. In 2007, the hon’ble supreme court introduced reservation of 15% for scs and 7.5% for sts in the aiq scheme.
  3. Put an end to (phrase) – stop, terminate, abolish.
  4. Discriminatory (adjective) – biased, unfair/unjust, inequitable, one-sided, partisan.
  5. Belated (adjective) – late, behind time, not on time/delayed.
  6. Deny (verb) – reject, abandon, discard.
  7. (one’s) due (noun) – one’s right, fair treatment.
  8. Concord (noun) – agreement, accord, consensus, concurrence.
  9. Keenness (noun) – eagerness, willingness, readiness, desire/wish.
  10. Economically weaker sections (ews) (noun) – economically weaker section (ews) or economically backward classes(ebc) in India is a subcategory of people belonging to the general category having an annual family income less than ₹8 lakh and who do not belong to any category such as sc/st/obc across India, nor to mbc in Tamil Nadu.
  11. Outcome (noun) – end result, consequence, effect.
  12. Free up (phrasal verb) – to make available.
  13. Domicile (noun) – a person’s permanent residence. In law, domicile is the status of being a lawful permanent resident in a particular jurisdiction (territory/region).
  14. Pool (noun) – accumulation, reserve, reservoir.
  15. Set aside (phrasal verb) – overrule, reverse, revoke, nullify, annul, cancel, dismiss, reject.
  16. Central law (noun) – the central educational institutions (reservation in admission) act 2006; an act to provide for the reservation in admission of the students belonging to the scheduled castes, the scheduled tribes and the other backward classes of citizens, to certain central educational institutions established, maintained or aided by the central government, and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.
  17. Medical council of India (mci) (noun) – it was constituted under section 3A of the indian medical council act, 1956 as a statutory body for establishing uniform and high standards of medical education in India. On 25 September 2020 it was replaced by national medical commission. The national medical commission (nmc) has been constituted by an act of parliament known as national medical commission act, 2019 which came into force on 25.9.2020 by gazette notification dated 24.9.2020.
  18. Averse (adjective) – opposed to, against, hostile to.
  19. Subject to (adjective) – conditional on, contingent on, dependent on, depending on, controlled by.
  20. Omission (noun) – leaving out, exclusion, elimination, absence, non-inclusion.
  21. Incongruous (adjective) – contradictory, irreconcilable, clashing/conflicting.
  22. Keep out (phrasal verb) – exclude, deny access to, reject.
  23. Ambit (noun) – range, scope, extent, reach.
  24. Affirmative action (noun) – it means positive steps taken to increase the representation of (women and) minorities in areas of employment, education, and culture from which they have been historically excluded.
  25. Impediment (noun) – obstacle, barrier, obstruction, hindrance.
  26. Modality (noun) – a particular method or procedure.
  27. Decide on (phrasal verb) – choose, opt for, select.
  28. Contumacious (adjective) – stubborn, headstrong, wilful, unyielding, inflexible.

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