The Hindu Editorial Vocab (Eye in the sky) – 13 August, 2021

  1. Eye in the sky (phrase) – overhead surveillance (camera).
  2. Hit-and-miss (phrase) – it is sometimes successful and sometimes not.
  3. Open to (verb) – receptive of, responsive to, willing to listen, admitting of.
  4. Gaze (noun) – attention, observation, observance, inspection, scrutiny.
  5. Shy away from (phrasal verb) – avoid, recoil, withdraw nervously (due to fear/surprise/pain/dislike).
  6. Larger than life (phrase) – extraordinary, great/huge, impressive, tremendous, attractive.
  7. Frontier (noun) – the extreme limit or point (of achievement in a particular area of activity).
  8. Conquest (noun) – (successful) ascent, rise, scaling (new heights).
  9. Realm (noun) – area, field, domain (of activity).
  10. Anomaly (noun) – abnormality, irregularity, deviation, aberration, departure, divergence, variation.
  11. Malfunction (noun) – breakdown, fault, failure, defect.
  12. Cryogenics (noun) – the branch of physics that deals with the production and behaviour of materials at very low temperatures.
  13. Light up (phrasal verb) – ignite, light, be set off.
  14. Ensuing (adjective) – following, coming up next, cropping up (after as a result).
  15. Deviation (noun) – divergence/departure, abnormality, irregularity.
  16. Disruption (noun) – disturbance, interruption, obstruction.
  17. Veer (verb) – change, deviate, diverge.
  18. Probably (adverb) – most likely, in all likelihood, all things considered, perhaps.
  19. Salvage (verb) – save, rescue, recover, restore.
  20. Accomplish (verb) – achieve, complete, fulfil.
  21. Speculation (noun) – prediction, guesswork, notion, opinion/thought.
  22. Run rife (phrase) – to spread very quickly in an uncontrolled/unchecked way.
  23. Call off (phrasal verb) – cancel, abandon, shelve, scrap.
  24. Glitch (noun) – problem, difficulty, issue/complication.
  25. In question (phrase) – at issue, being discussed, under discussion, under consideration.
  26. In the pipeline (phrase) – in the process of being planned/developed.
  27. Slate (verb) – arrange, plan, schedule.
  28. Stress (noun) – strain, pressure, tension, worry, anxiety.
  29. Doubly (adverb) – two times; especially.
  30. Keep away from (phrasal verb) – make someone stay away from.
  31. Owe (verb) – have something due to.
  32. In no small measure (phrase) – to a very great extent/level/degree.
  33. Propensity (noun) – tendency, inclination, predisposition, readiness.
  34. Enshroud (verb) – conceal, obscure, envelop, cover, hide completely (from view).
  35. Mishap (noun) – disaster, tragedy, affliction, catastrophe.
  36. Admittedly (adverb) – actually, truly/verily, indeed.
  37. In terms of (phrase) – with regard to, regarding/concerning, in connection with.
  38. Wear (verb) – have; accept, agree, admit.
  39. Ward off (phrasal verb) – prevent, repel, avert, deflect, block, stop, obstruct, impede.
  40. Embrace (verb) – welcome, accept.
  41. Limelight (noun) – the focus of attention, public attention, public notice.
  42. Indeed (adverb) – in fact, actually, undeniably.
  43. Endeavour (noun) – activity, pursuit; aim/effort.
  44. Open doors (phrase) – provide someone opportunities.
  45. To the skies (phrase) – very highly, very enthusiastically.

Source : The Hindu Newspaper || Editorial Link

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