The Hindu Editorial Vocab (Another warning) – 13 August, 2021

  1. Landslip (noun) – another name for landslide, mudslide, earthfall.
  2. Paradigm (noun) – model, pattern, case in point.
  3. Strike (verb) – happen/occur suddenly to have adverse effects on; affect, afflict, hit, come upon.
  4. Fortnight (noun) – a period of two weeks/fourteen days continuously.
  5. Catastrophe (noun) – disaster, mishap, calamity, tragedy.
  6. Debris (noun) – broken pieces, rubble, wreckage (of rock).
  7. Rain down on (phrasal verb) – fall down on someone or something in large quantities, usually forcefully.
  8. Frantically (adverb) – hurriedly, distraughtly/worriedly.
  9. Rescue (verb) – save.
  10. Picturesque (adjective) – attractive, beautiful, scenic, pleasing.
  11. Indices (plural of index) – (noun) – a data figure reflecting something compared with a standard or base value; pointer, indicator.
  12. Instability (noun) – uncertainty, unpredictability, precariousness.
  13. Seismic (adjective) – relating to earthquakes.
  14. Aggravate (verb) – increase, intensify, worsen, exacerbate, compound.
  15. In the wake of (phrase) – as a result of, in the aftermath of, as a consequence of.
  16. Along with (phrase) – together with, accompanying.
  17. Considerable (adjective) – substantial, significant, much, a lot of.
  18. Seismicity (noun) – a measure which encompasses earthquake occurrences, mechanisms, and magnitude at a given geographical location.
  19. Stress (noun) – strain, pressure, tension, worry, anxiety.
  20. Exploit (verb) – take advantage of, make use of, utilize.
  21. Hydropower (noun) – power derived from the energy of falling water or fast running water.
  22. Render (verb) – make, cause to be, cause to become.
  23. Even more (phrase) – all the more, further.
  24. Fragile (adjective) – delicate, shaky, weak, vulnerable, insecure.
  25. Call for (phrasal verb) – require, publicly ask/necessitate, demand.
  26. Pursue (verb) – engage in, conduct, take part in, take up (an activity).
  27. Disruptive (adjective) – new, modern, advanced; innovative, unusual, unconventional.
  28. Potent (noun) – strong, powerful, effective.
  29. Inundate (verb) – flood, deluge, overflow.
  30. Jeopardise (verb) – imperil, threaten, put at risk, put in danger, endanger.
  31. Integrity (noun) – soundness, robustness, strength, sturdiness, solidity, stability.
  32. Brunt (noun) – full force, impact, shock, burden, pressure, strain.
  33. Bear the brunt (phrase) – to suffer or endure the worst part of something (force/burden/pressure) when a very bad or unpleasant thing happens.
  34. Hazard (noun) – danger, threat, risk.
  35. Remedial (adjective) – corrective, restorative, reparative.
  36. Recurring (adjective) – happening or occurring frequently.
  37. Sustainable (adjective) – reasonable, sensible, well-founded.
  38. Halt (verb) – stop, terminate, end.
  39. Cloudburst (noun) – a sudden and very heavy rainfall.
  40. Bound to (adjective) – certain, sure, very likely, guaranteed.
  41. Status quo (noun) – the present situation, the current state, the existing state of affairs.
  42. Ghastly (adjective) – terrible, frightful, grim, horrible.
  43. Boulder (noun) – stone/rock-a big one.

Source : The Hindu Newspaper || Editorial Link

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