The Hindu Editorial Vocab (Memories) – 16 August, 2021

  1. Gazette (noun) – an official publication.
  2. Brutal (adjective) – cruel, savage, vicious, wicked.
  3. Parting shot (phrase) – concluding remark, final say, closing statement (when leaving/making departure).
  4. Indelible (adjective) – permanent, lasting, inerasable.
  5. Cleave (verb) – split, divide, bisect/separate into two.
  6. Mar (verb) – spoil, ruin, destroy, impair.
  7. Unleash (verb) – let something go uncontrollably; cause to become uncontrolled/unrestrained.
  8. Pit (against) (verb) – set against, match against, put in opposition to, put in competition with.
  9. Thoughtless (adjective) – unthinking, heedless, careless, unmindful.
  10. Colonial (adjective) – relating to the period of the British colonies.
  11. Insensitivity (noun) – lack of awareness, lack of concern, not caring about others’ feelings.
  12. Set aside (phrasal verb) – disregard, put aside, ignore, forget, shrug off.
  13. Carve out (phrasal verb) – establish, develop, create something (by taking something from a larger whole) with effort.
  14. Seek (verb) – try, aim, attempt.
  15. Scar (noun) – mark, lasting effect of an emotion; (damage, shock, suffering).
  16. Borne with (bear with) – (phrasal verb) – tolerate, put up with, endure, suffer.
  17. Fortitude (noun) – strength of mind, strength of character, firmness of purpose, determination, courage, bravery, strong-mindedness, resilience, resolve, nerve.
  18. Move on (phrasal verb) – leave & start doing something new; take steps forward, make strides, come along.
  19. Along the way (phrase) – during the time (that something is happening).
  20. Bitterly (adverb) – harshly, extremely, forcefully.
  21. Disintegrate (verb) – collapse, fail, founder, go wrong, break down.
  22. Heal (verb) – alleviate, assuage, relieve, ease, lessen, mitigate.
  23. Wound (noun) – pain, distress, grief, trauma, anguish.
  24. Growing (adjective) – increasing.
  25. Prowess (noun) – expertise, excellence, accomplishment, proficiency.
  26. Voice (noun) – representative, spokesperson, agency; medium/instrument.
  27. Acknowledge (verb) – accept, recognize, realize.
  28. Archive (verb) – record, register, chronicle.
  29. Mourn (verb) – feel regret (about the loss of something).
  30. Commemorate (verb) – honour the memory of someone/something with a ceremony/event; pay tribute to, pay homage to.
  31. Look back on (phrasal verb) – reflect on, think about, remember, recall, bring to mind.
  32. Traumatic (adjective) – painful, distressing, disturbing.
  33. Rather than (phrase) – instead of.
  34. Look ahead (phrasal verb) – to think about what will happen in the future.
  35. Trauma (noun) – pain, distress, suffering.
  36. Inclusive (adjective) – all-inclusive.
  37. Wrought (verb) – (old) past and past participle of work (verb) – cause, effect.
  38. Hold someone to account (phrase) – to require a person to explain or to accept responsibility for his or her actions; to blame or punish someone for what has occurred.
  39. Successive (adjective) – following.
  40. Perils (noun) – dangers, difficulties, risks.
  41. Imperialism (noun) – an action that involves a country (usually an empire or a kingdom) extending its power by the acquisition of territories.
  42. Arbitrary (adjective) – whimsical, capricious, random, casual, unreasonable, irrational; imperious, domineering, high-handed.
  43. Sow (verb) – cause, bring about, give rise to; evoke, instigate, provoke.
  44. In order to (phrase) – with the purpose/aim of.
  45. Reasoning (noun) – reason, rationale, premise.
  46. Division (noun) – disunity, disunion, discord, disagreement.
  47. Disharmony (noun) – discord, friction, conflict, hostility.
  48. Spirit (noun) – attitude, intention, way of thinking, point of view, state of mind.
  49. Oneness (noun) – amicability, friendship, unity/solidarity.
  50. Empowerment (noun) – authorization, accreditation; capacity-building, inclusiveness; authority, power.

Source : The Hindu Newspaper

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