The Hindu Editorial Vocab (Optimistic assessment) – 20 August, 2021

  1. Optimistic (adjective) – reassuring, favourable, encouraging, promising, hopeful.
  2. Assessment (noun) – evaluation, appraisal.
  3. Inflation (noun) – simply meaning “cost of living”; increase of price level of goods & services and vice versa decrease of currency value.
  4. Tame (verb) – to retain/control prices within acceptable levels; moderate, mitigate.
  5. Push for (phrasal verb) – work for, urge, promote, advocate.
  6. Fortnight (noun) – a period of two weeks/fourteen days continuously.
  7. Bulletin (noun) – report, release, statement, announcement.
  8. Pivot (verb) – start to manage (something) in an entirely different method.
  9. Posit (verb) – put forward, set forth, present, propose.
  10. Outlook (noun) – prospects, expectations, hopes, likely improvement, lookout, future.
  11. Aggregate demand (ad) (noun) – it is the total demand for final goods and services in an economy at a given time.
  12. Overcast (adjective) – dull, murky, gloomy, cheerless, joyless, sombre.
  13. Assert (verb) – state, avow, insist, announce, declare (confidently).
  14. Buoy (verb) – rally, uplift, encourage, stimulate, cheer up, give strength to.
  15. Pent-up (adjective) – suppressed, confined, held back, not expressed (emotions/feelings).
  16. Traction (noun) – popularity, acceptance; purchase, grip.
  17. Turn around (phrasal verb) – change, reverse, rebound.
  18. Contraction (noun) – in economics, it refers to a decline in national output as measured by gross domestic product.
  19. Moderate (verb) – control, decrease, lower, reduce, mitigate.
  20. Array (verb) – arrange, draw up, set out, set forth, display, present, uncover, reveal.
  21. Freight (noun) – goods, cargo, consignment, shipment.
  22. Buttress (verb) – confirm, defend, back up, uphold, support, strengthen, reinforce, fortify.
  23. Momentum (noun) – driving power, strength, impetus.
  24. Point to (verb) – indicate, suggest, denote.
  25. Forecaster (noun) – predictor, foreteller.
  26. Sizeable (adjective) – substantial, considerable, significant.
  27. Sequential (adjective) – continuous, consecutive.
  28. Pronounced (adjective) – noticeable, marked, conspicuous, notable, obvious, evident, recognizable.
  29. Bias (noun) – prejudice, partisanship, favouritism, unfairness, one-sidedness.
  30. Reflect (verb) – indicate, show, display, demonstrate, reveal, exhibit.
  31. Resilience (noun) – the ability to bounce back quickly from difficulties; strength of character, strength, toughness.
  32. Prospects (noun) – chances, possibilities, expectations, outlook, future.
  33. Elide (verb) – leave out, exclude, fail to include.
  34. Cite (verb) – refer to, adduce, make reference to, invoke.
  35. Sanguine (adjective) – optimistic, hopeful, confident, positive, cheerful (particularly in a difficult situation).
  36. Contend (verb) – assert, claim, argue, profess, affirm avow, state, pronounce.
  37. Sowing (noun) – an act of seeding a plant or crop.
  38. Shed/throw light on (phrase) – explain, elucidate, clarify.
  39. Prompt (verb) – cause, impel, urge.
  40. Pitch (verb) – try to convince/assure someone to accept something.
  41. Upbeat (adjective) – optimistic, positive, hopeful.
  42. Prognosis (noun) – forecast, prediction, projection, estimate.
  43. Month-on-month (adjective) – used to compare data for one month with that in previous months.
  44. Deceleration (noun) – slowing down, easing off, reduction, diminishing, lessening.
  45. Reinforce (verb) – support, uphold, strengthen, fortify, bolster up, underpin.
  46. Upsurge (noun) – sudden increase or rise of something; jump, upturn.
  47. Uptick (noun) – a small increase or upward trend.
  48. Cereal (noun) – food grains (rice, wheat, millet, maize &, etc.).
  49. Edible oil (noun) – cooking oil; fat of plant, animal or microbial origin, which is liquid at room temperature and is suitable for food use.
  50. Inflationary/price pressures (noun) – the demand and supply-side pressures that can cause a rise in the general price level; cost-push inflation, hot-economy, deficit finance.
  51. Belie (verb) – contradict, be at odds with, call into question, disprove.
  52. Optimism (noun) – hopefulness, hope, confidence, positive attitude, buoyancy.
  53. Oversee (verb) – supervise, be in charge of, be responsible for, look after, keep an eye on, inspect.
  54. Admit (verb) – acknowledge, reveal, make known, make public.
  55. Dilemma (noun) – quandary, predicament, difficulty.
  56. Judgment call (noun) – subjective decision; personal opinion.
  57. Postulate (verb) – put forward, propose, posit, suppose, suggest.
  58. Trade-off (noun) – a situation in which you must choose between (balance) two things that are opposite or cannot be had at the same time; a compromise; swap, exchange.
  59. Monetary authority (noun) – it refers to the institution responsible for managing the currency of a country, establishing interest rates, and controlling its money supply. The goals of a country’s central bank include stabilizing prices, fostering economic growth, and increasing employment. The reserve bank of india (rbi) is the central bank of India.
  60. Redress (verb) – rectify, correct, make right, set right.
  61. Stagflation (noun) – a period of rising inflation, slowing economic growth & rising unemployment. (inflation is the sustained/continuous rise in the overall price level of goods and services in the economy).

Source : The Hindu Newspaper

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