The Hindu Editorial Vocab (Bonding rites) 24 August, 2021

  1. Rite (noun) – ceremony, celebration.
  2. Accommodative (adjective) – accommodating, friendly, cooperative, agreeable, amenable.
  3. Urgency (noun) – importance, top priority, gravity, necessity, exigency, seriousness.
  4. Front (noun) – political group.
  5. Demonstration (noun) – proof, evidence, indication.
  6. In terms of (phrase) – with regard to, regarding/concerning, in connection with.
  7. Convene (verb) – call/get together, assemble, gather.
  8. Hegemony (noun) – leadership, dominance, authority.
  9. Endanger (verb) – imperil, jeopardize, risk.
  10. Antagonism (noun) – enmity, hostility, antipathy.
  11. Affinity (noun) – empathy, rapport, sympathy; relationship, bond, connection.
  12. Detrimental (adjective) – harmful, damaging, inimical, dangerous.
  13. Exhort (verb) – urge, encourage, call on, enjoin, adjure.
  14. Rise above (phrase) – to not be affected by something (e.g. Problem/difficulty); to tackle a problem or difficulty successfully.
  15. Compulsion (noun) – coercion, pressure, pressurization, oppression, intimidation.
  16. Of one’s own (phrase) – belongs or relates to oneself only.
  17. Rigidity (noun) – unadapt ability, inflexibility, strictness, stubbornness.
  18. Institutional (adjective) – organized, formal, systematic, methodical.
  19. Antipathy (noun) – hostility, aversion, opposition.
  20. Wield (verb) – have, exercise, exert, be possessed of.
  21. Accountability (noun) – responsibility, liability, answerability.
  22. Vastly (adverb) – extremely, immensely, exceedingly, hugely/largely.
  23. Run-up to (noun) – a period of time just before an important event.
  24. A host of (noun) – a lot, a large number, a great quantity.
  25. Coalition (noun) – alliance, partnership.
  26. Defer to (verb) – yield, submit, give way, give in, surrender, capitulate.
  27. Disarray (noun) – disorganization, disorder, lack of order, chaos.
  28. Drag (noun) – handicap, burden, hindrance.
  29. Divergence (noun) – difference, dissimilarity, variance, departure.
  30. Optimal (adjective) – most favourable, optimum, ideal, perfect.
  31. Front-load (verb) – allocate a major portion of (something) at the beginning.
  32. Spyware (noun) – a category of software which aims to steal personal or organizational information.
  33. Entity (noun) – organization, body, institution, establishment.
  34. Snoop (verb) – to look around secretly to find out (private) information about someone/something; pry, spy on, intrude on, poke one’s nose in; investigate, ferret around in.
  35. Distress (noun) – difficulty, trouble, hardship.
  36. Salience (noun) – prominence, importance, significance.
  37. Appeal (verb) – call on, ask for, request.
  38. Constituency (noun) – a body of supporters/voters.
  39. Amalgamate (verb) – combine, merge, unite/consolidate.
  40. Significantly (adverb) – notably, importantly, seriously, crucially.

Source : The Hindu Newspaper

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