The Hindu Editorial Vocab (Staying invested) – 24 August, 2021

  1. Brief (verb) – inform of, tell about, update on, apprise of, give information about.
  2. Contingency (noun) – a possible event or circumstance, happening, occurrence of a possible incident but not guaranteed/certain to happen/occur.
  3. Takeover (noun) – seizure, occupation, capture; gaining of control, change of ownership.
  4. Militia (noun) – armed forces, military unit, insurgent, rebel (that involves in rebel/terrorist activities against the main/regular forces).
  5. Occupy (verb) – busy, active.
  6. Evacuation (noun) – the act of moving people from a dangerous place; removal, shifting.
  7. In addition (phrase) – as well as, additionally, moreover.
  8. Evacuate (verb) – ask people to leave, empty, move out of, get out of, exit from (from a dangerous place).
  9. Embassy (noun) – the diplomatic office building in a foreign country where the ambassador & team live and work; consulate, mission.
  10. Personnel (noun) – force, staff, workforce.
  11. Facilitate (verb) – make easy, make possible, enable, assist, help/aid.
  12. Strategic (adjective) – key, crucial, critical, important; relating to achieving long-term or overall goals.
  13. Undertake (verb) – begin, start; engage in, become involved in.
  14. Stake (noun) – interest, involvement, concern.
  15. Deeply rooted (phrase) – firmly/strongly established.
  16. Considerable (adjective) – substantial, sizable, significant, much, a lot of.
  17. Infrastructure (noun) – the basic physical or organisational structure for something (to function properly).
  18. Ongoing (adjective) – current, existing, continuing.
  19. Script (verb) – write.
  20. Bank (noun) – array, line, series.
  21. Goodwill (noun) – compassion; cooperation, collaboration, friendliness, mutual support.
  22. Come to naught (phrase) – fail, be defeated, be unsuccessful, be in vain.
  23. Pull up (phrasal verb) – stop, halt, pause.
  24. Emulate (verb) – imitate, follow, mirror; take as a model, take as an example.
  25. Diplomatic (adjective) – (delicate & sensitive) consular, foreign-policy.
  26. Outpost (noun) – a small military camp/post.
  27. Going forward (phrase) – in the future.
  28. Regime (noun) – government.
  29. Merely (adverb) – only, simply, just.
  30. Brutal (adjective) – cruel, savage, barbaric, vicious, wicked.
  31. Under way (phrase) – in progress, happening, occurring, taking place.
  32. Inclusive (adjective) – all-inclusive, comprehensive.
  33. Coalition (noun) – alliance, partnership.
  34. Fructify (verb) – make fruitful/productive.
  35. Transitional (adjective) – interim, temporary, provisional, conditional.
  36. Backer (noun) – supporter, upholder, champion, defender.
  37. Staging base (noun) – an area in which people are assembled to organize/arrange an operation/activity.
  38. Associate (noun) – partner, colleague, co-worker, fellow worker, workmate.
  39. Sect (noun) – religious group, faith community.
  40. Hazara (noun) – as an ethnic group.
  41. Liberalised (adjective) – relating to something (regulations/norms) less strict/more freedom.
  42. Adverse (adjective) – dangerous, harmful, detrimental, unhealthy; unfavourable, disadvantageous, bad.

Source : The Hindu Newspaper

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