The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary (Learning safely) 27 August, 2021

  1. Resumption (noun) – reopening, restarting, recommencement.
  2. Fraught with (adjective) – full of, filled with, rife with, loaded with; accompanied by.
  3. Amidst (preposition) – amid, in the middle of; during.
  4. Wrestle (verb) – grapple, fight, struggle, contend.
  5. Deficit (noun) – shortfall, deficiency, shortage.
  6. Prolonged (adjective) – lengthy, extended, protracted, unending, unrelenting.
  7. Cripple (verb) – impair, hamper, impede, spoil, bring to a standstill, paralyse, weaken.
  8. Prospects (noun) – chances, opportunities (for success).
  9. Immunize (verb) – vaccinate, inoculate, inject.
  10. Feasible (adjective) – practicable, viable, realistic.
  11. Address (verb) – tackle, deal with, attend to, try to sort out.
  12. Utmost (adjective) – greatest, maximum, most extreme (seriousness/effort).
  13. Call for (phrasal verb) – require, publicly ask/necessitate, demand.
  14. Coherent (adjective) – united, consolidated, joined, combined; logical, reasonable, rational.
  15. Epidemiology (noun) – the study of the distribution and determinants of health-related states or events (including disease), and the application of this study to the control of diseases and other health problems (courtesy: who).
  16. Decentralise (verb) – transfer of the power/control (of a department/organisation/government) from a single place to other locations.
  17. Circumstances (noun) – situation, condition.
  18. Step forward (noun) – improvement, development, advancement, progress.
  19. Reversion (noun) – a return (to a previous state/condition).
  20. Calibrate (verb) – assess, regulate carefully.
  21. Swiftly (adverb) – rapidly, quickly, fast, speedily.
  22. Spike (noun) – a sharp rise/increase of something.
  23. Norm (noun) – standard, convention, rules of conduct, guideline.
  24. Mandate (noun) – instruction, direction, order, requirement.
  25. Cautionary (adjective) – menacing, intimidating, bullying, frightening, terrifying, scary, fearsome, alarming.
  26. Tale (noun) – narrative, report, account.
  27. Emphasise (verb) – draw attention to, put stress on, underscore, highlight.
  28. Intervention (noun) – (in medicine) it is a treatment, procedure, or other action taken to prevent or treat disease, or improve health in other ways.
  29. Ventilation (noun) – the supplying of fresh air to a room.
  30. Credentialed (adjective) – relating to something/someone given credentials.
  31. Along with (phrase) – together with, accompanying.
  32. Empirical (adjective) – factual, actual, practical, pragmatic.
  33. Collate (adjective) – collect, gather, combine.
  34. Insight (noun) – understanding, awareness, discernment, comprehension, experience of.

Source : The Hindu Newspaper

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