The Hindu Editorial Vocab (Elusive gold) – August 02, 2021

  1. Elusive (adjective) – difficult to find, difficult to achieve; intangible.
  2. Quest (noun) – pursuit, search, hunt.
  3. Feverish (adjective) – frenzied, excited, nervous, restless.
  4. Bruising (adjective) – stressful, demanding/taxing, painful.
  5. Anguish (noun) – pain, suffering, distress, misery.
  6. Debut (noun) – launching, introduction, inception.
  7. Populous (adjective) – densely populated.
  8. End up (phrasal verb) – finish up, land up come/appear, find oneself (to a particular course of action in the end).
  9. Tale (noun) – story, narrative, history.
  10. Commence (verb) – begin, start, start off.
  11. Welterweight (noun) – a boxer with body weight in between lightweight and middleweight, usually between 60 and 67 kilograms.
  12. Bout (noun) – contest, match, game.
  13. Play-off (noun) – an extra game/match to decide a winner (in Olympics, it is played for third place (bronze medal))
  14. Exploits (noun) – feat, deed, act, adventure.
  15. Hail from (verb) – come from, be a native of, originate in, have one’s roots in.
  16. Reveal (verb) – exhibit, disclose, uncover, show.
  17. Shimmer (verb) – shine, flash, glitter, glow.
  18. Chicken’s neck (noun) – Siliguri corridor, a narrow strip of Indian territory connecting the north-eastern states to the rest of India.
  19. Owe something to (verb) – have something due to.
  20. Reiterate (verb) – repeat, say again, restate.
  21. Exceptional (adjective) – outstanding, extraordinary, remarkable.
  22. Run into (phrasal verb) – encounter, meet with, be faced with, run up against, be confronted with.
  23. Savour (verb) – delight, relish, enjoy, appreciate.
  24. Outfit (noun) – team/group.
  25. Fillip (noun) – stimulus, boost, incentive.
  26. Impetus (noun) – momentum, motive force, driving force, motivation, encouragement; stimulus, boost.
  27. Chronicle (noun) – record, archives, register (a series of events); description, portrayal, representation, depiction.
  28. Tidings (noun) – news, information, reports.
  29. Spark (noun) – spiritedness, sparkle, enthusiasm, a sense of excitement.
  30. Rest on someone’s shoulders (phrase) – be the sole responsibility of.
  31. Stirring (adjective) – exciting, thrilling, action-packed, dramatic, inspiring, inspirational, electrifying.
  32. Afloat (adjective) – out of burden, out of difficulty, out of debt.
  33. Litany (noun) – recitation, recital, repetition, repetitive series/account.
  34. Heartbreak (noun) – pain, distress, grief, despair, suffering, unhappiness.
  35. Adrenaline rush (noun) – a surge/sudden increase of energy when faced with an exciting or dangerous situation due to the production of adrenaline occurs in the adrenal glands.
  36. Travails (noun) – ordeal, trouble, hardship; struggle, painful effort.
  37. Have one’s moments (phrase) – if you say that someone has his/her moments, you are indicating that there are times when he/she is successful or interesting, but that this does not occur frequently.
  38. Exert (verb) – bring to bear, apply, bring into play.
  39. Immense (adjective) – tremendous, massive, enormous, huge.
  40. Cite (verb) – refer to, adduce, make reference to, invoke.
  41. Fatigue (noun) – tiredness, weariness, exhaustion.
  42. Contingent (noun) – unit, squad, outfit.
  43. Vouch for (verb) – attest to, confirm, prove, show the truth of.

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