The Hindu Editorial Vocab (Over the borderline) – August 05, 2021

  1. Row (noun) – argument, quarrel, squabble, fight, dispute, clash.
  2. Facilitate (verb) – make possible, enable, assist, promote, encourage.
  3. Draw down (phrasal verb) – reduce, decrease, lessen (the size of an armed force in an area so consequent tensions between two conflicting groups).
  4. Exacerbate (verb) – intensify, increase, heighten, aggravate, worsen, compound.
  5. Fraught (adjective) – worried, anxious, distraught, agitated, distressed, frantic, panic-stricken.
  6. Retaliatory (adjective) – revenging, vengeful, avenging.
  7. Prominent (adjective) – important, well known, famous.
  8. Representative (noun) – a member of a legislature (parliament/legislative assembly); lawmaker, legislator.
  9. Impose (verb) – force, thrust, inflict (an unwelcome decision/ruling).
  10. Blockade (noun) – barricade, barrier; obstacle/impediment.
  11. Throw away the scabbard (phrase) – have no intention of resolving any fight/conflict/dispute peacefully.
  12. Stretch (noun) – area, tract, belt.
  13. Culminate (verb) – come to an end with, finish with, conclude with, terminate with.
  14. Litigation (noun) – legal action, lawsuit, legal case.
  15. Amicable (adjective) – friendly, good-natured, cordial, cooperative, peaceful.
  16. Recrimination (noun) – a situation in which people are accusing each other; an act of accusing someone who has accused you; mutual accusation(s), counter-accusation(s), counter charge, counterattack, retaliation.
  17. The way out (noun) – a method of dealing with a problem; solution.
  18. Tamp down (phrasal verb) – reduce, press down, compress.
  19. Morph (verb) – change, transform, alter.
  20. Halt (verb) – stop, end.
  21. Impartial (adjective) – unbiased, unprejudiced, neutral, non-partisan, non-discriminatory, equitable, without favouritism.
  22. Lead to (verb) – result in, cause, bring about, call forth, give rise to, produce.
  23. Recur (verb) – happen again, reoccur, occur again, be repeated.
  24. Concerted (adjective) – involving a lot of people coming together & doing something with great effort; strenuous, vigorous, energetic, determined, active, intense; coordinated, collaborative, collective, combined, joint.
  25. Facilitation (noun) – assistance, support, backing.
  26. Strive (verb) – try, attempt, aspire, make every effort.
  27. Seek (verb) – try, aim, attempt.
  28. Inter– (prefix) – between.
  29. Cohesion (noun) – unity, togetherness, solidarity, coherence.
  30. Sanctity (noun) – ultimate importance, inviolability; righteousness, devotion.

Source : The Hindu Newspaper || Editorial Link

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