The Hindu Editorial Vocab (It’s hockey) – August 07, 2021

  1. Excel (verb) – shine, perform well, be excellent, be outstanding.
  2. Look ahead (phrasal verb) – look forward, anticipate, foresee, hope (the future).
  3. Fortnight (noun) – a period of two weeks/fourteen days continuously.
  4. Steer (verb) – guide, direct, lead, marshal.
  5. Limelight (noun) – the focus of attention, public attention, public notice, public interest, the public eye.
  6. Tinge with (verb) – permeate, penetrate, imbue, flavour.
  7. Halo (noun) – glory, fame, glow; crown of light.
  8. Akin (adjective) – similar, related, equivalent.
  9. Cliché (noun) – banality, truism, overworked phrase/opinion; predictable thing.
  10. Fall back upon (phrasal verb) – turn to, resort to, have recourse to.
  11. The distant past (phrase) – a time long ago in the past.
  12. Plague (verb) – bother, disturb, trouble, irritate, worry, annoy, vex.
  13. Middling (adjective) – average, normal, unexciting.
  14. Template (noun) – model, pattern, example.
  15. Flicker (noun) – a small sign/indication.
  16. Nostalgically (adverb) – sentimentally, evocatively.
  17. Inclined (adjective) – gravitated, attracted, influenced (by someone else).
  18. Mirage (noun) – an unrealistic hope/wish; misconception/delusion.
  19. Lure (verb) – captivate, tempt, persuade, attract, coax, win over.
  20. Tell a tale (phrase) – reveal, depict, describe, narrate (about something significant/important).
  21. Etch (verb) – carve, engrave, inscribe, score, mark.
  22. Grit (noun) – strength of character, courage, resolve, determination, resolution.
  23. Hold one’s own (phrase) – stand firm, stand one’s ground, keep/maintain one’s position.
  24. Wing (verb) – race, move quickly; whizz, zoom.
  25. Run into (phrasal verb) – encounter, meet with, be faced with, run up against, be confronted with.
  26. Soul-numbing (adjective) – mind-numbing, tedious, tiresome, unvarying.
  27. Cast aside (phrasal verb) – set aside, discard, ignore, reject, abandon.
  28. Prosper (verb) – do well, improve, succeed, make good.
  29. Wrest (verb) – take something after much effort or difficulty.
  30. Mentor (verb) – train, coach, instruct.
  31. Turn a corner (phrase) – improve, get better, pick up, look up (after critical/difficult situation).
  32. Flavour of the month (phrase) – the latest thing, the fashion, the trend, in great demand.
  33. Meld (verb) – combine, merge, unite, integrate.
  34. Sprinting (adjective) – running.
  35. Seemingly (adverb) – apparently, evidently, outwardly.
  36. Diverse (adjective) – involving people from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds; very different, varying, multiple.
  37. At home (phrase) – skilled in, experienced in, well versed in, proficient in, competent at, familiar with.
  38. Counterpart (noun) – someone or something that has the same job or purpose as another; equivalent, equal, fellow.
  39. Dream run (phrase) – used to mention a spell/period in which everything is going perfectly.
  40. Whisker (noun) – a very small amount.
  41. On a par with (phrase) – comparable with, equivalent to, as equal to, on a level with.
  42. Riveting (adjective) – fascinating, thrilling, interesting, engrossing.
  43. Berth (noun) – place.
  44. A lump in the throat (phrase) – a sad feeling; sadness, grief, disappointment.
  45. Give one’s all (phrase) – put all energy and effort (to achieve something).
  46. Stereotype (noun) – an oversimplified and/or unfair belief or idea that groups of people have particular characteristics or that all people in a group are the same.
  47. Misogyny (noun) – prejudice, dislike, hatred (of women).
  48. Cattiest (adjective) – relating to something which has an attachment to a caste system.
  49. Abundance (noun) – large quantities; plenty, a lot.
  50. On a high (phrase) – ecstatic, euphoric, elated, thrilled, overjoyed, excited, jubilant.
  51. Put in (phrasal verb) – devote, employ (time & effort).
  52. Find one’s feet (phrase) – adapt, become accustomed, adjust, get used.
  53. Redemption (noun) – retrieval, recovery, reclamation, repossession, recoupment; fulfilment, satisfying, accomplishment, achievement (after struggle/difficulty).

Source : The Hindu Newspaper || Editorial Link

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