The Hindu Editorial Vocab (Rewind to fast forward) – August 07, 2021

  1. Rewind (verb/noun) – winding something back.
  2. Fast forward (verb/noun) – winding something forward rapidly.
  3. Retro tax/retrospective taxation (noun) – retrospective taxation allows a country to pass a rule on taxing certain products, items or services and deals and charge companies from a time behind the date on which the law is passed.
  4. Tortuous (adjective) – complicated, complex, confusing.
  5. Tale (noun) – story, narrative, account, history.
  6. On the brink of (phrase) – on the edge/verge of difficult/dangerous situation; at a crucial or critical point.
  7. Scrap (verb) – abandon, drop, abolish, withdraw.
  8. Retrospective (noun) – backdated, retroactive, ex post facto, backward-looking.
  9. Bring in (phrasal verb) – introduce, launch, initiate.
  10. Retro-active (adjective) – backward-looking, backdated, ex post facto.
  11. Gambit (noun) – plan, scheme, proposal.
  12. Pursuit (noun) – following, chasing, pursuing.
  13. Tax evasion/terrorism (noun) – an illegal action in which a person or company purposely avoids paying a true tax liability.
  14. Walk the talk (phrase) – to do the things you have said you would do.
  15. Resounding (adjective) – emphatic, enormous, huge, massive, very great, tremendous.
  16. Measure (noun) – action, step, procedure.
  17. Dithering (noun) – hesitation, oscillation, ambivalence, indecisiveness.
  18. Dither (verb) – be indecisive, be unsure, be undecided, hesitate.
  19. Bungling (noun) – mismanagement, mishandling, messing up, misapplication.
  20. Ill-informed (adjective) – ignorant, unacquainted, unknowing, insensible, lacking knowledge.
  21. Sore point (phrase) – a cause of distress; point of contention, problem, difficulty.
  22. Statute (noun) – act/law, regulation, rule (written & laid down by the legislature).
  23. Cost someone dearly/dear (phrase) – to make someone suffer a lot (or) to lose something very important (particularly, as a result of a mistake).
  24. Dues (noun) – payment (which is (long) pending).
  25. Regime (noun) – government.
  26. Watch (noun) – period, spell, turn; guard, vigil, lookout.
  27. Arbitration (noun) – adjudication, conciliation, mediation, intervention/negotiation.
  28. Abide by (verb) – conform to, adhere to, comply with.
  29. Sordid (adjective) – disreputable, disgusting, abhorrent, dishonest.
  30. Assert (verb) – state, claim, announce, declare.
  31. Vigorously (adverb) – aggressively, strongly, powerfully, intensely.
  32. Defend (verb) – justify, vindicate, support, speak in support of.
  33. Sovereign (adjective) – supreme, absolute, unconditional, uncontrollable.
  34. Arbitrate (verb) – adjudicate, judge, decide, determine, resolve.
  35. Indeed (adverb) – in fact, actually, undeniably.
  36. Prompt (verb) – cause, impel, urge.
  37. Relentless (adjective) – constant, continuous, non-stop, unceasing.
  38. Arbitration award (noun) – a decision made by an arbitration tribunal in an arbitration proceeding/case. This award can be money one party has to pay to the other party.
  39. Trigger (noun) – an event that causes a particular action.
  40. Back down (phrasal verb) – withdraw, give in, yield, submit, concede, reconsider.
  41. Forfeit (verb) – give up, renounce, relinquish.
  42. Irrespective of (adjective) – notwithstanding, without regard for, regardless of.
  43. Ad-hoc (adjective) – relating to something needed/necessary to be done after an unpleasant/bad thing happened; emergency, makeshift, improvised, impromptu, unprepared.
  44. Across the board (phrase) – applying to all.

Source : The Hindu Newspaper || Editorial Link

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