The Hindu Editorial Vocab (Tightrope walk) – August 09, 2021

  1. Walk on a tightrope (phrase) – to deal with a difficult situation in which a very small error could have very bad outcomes.
  2. Rein in (phrasal verb) – to control, restrain, restrict, limit someone/something.
  3. Inflation (noun) – simply meaning “cost of living”; increase of price level of goods & services and vice versa decrease of currency value.
  4. Undermine (verb) – weaken, subvert, sabotage, damage.
  5. Bind (noun) – predicament, awkward situation, quandary, dilemma, plight, difficult situation.
  6. Find oneself in (verb) – discover, locate, come across, come upon (oneself to be in a specific situation).
  7. Benchmark (noun as modifier) – standard, base/basis, ideal.
  8. Ample (adjective) – enough, sufficient, adequate, plenty of.
  9. Accommodative (adjective) – aimed to encourage economic activity by reducing interest rates.
  10. Stance (noun) – position, approach, standpoint.
  11. Engender (verb) – cause, give rise to, bring about.
  12. Disquietingly (adverb) – distressingly, upsettingly, disturbingly, awfully.
  13. Hover around (verb) – remain at a level.
  14. Bound (noun) – limits, restrictions, limitations, proportions.
  15. Mandated (adjective) – authorized, accepted, designated.
  16. Acknowledge (verb) – admit, accept, recognize, realize.
  17. Predicament (noun) – problematic situation, difficulty, quandary.
  18. Onset (noun) – start, beginning, arrival.
  19. Anchor (verb) – impart/give a firm base/foundation/basis.
  20. Consolidate (verb) – strengthen, make stronger, secure, stabilize, reinforce, fortify.
  21. Preserve (verb) – sustain, conserve, protect, maintain.
  22. Foster (verb) – encourage, promote, develop.
  23. Augur well (verb) – bode, indicate, portend (a good outcome).
  24. Remit (noun) – scope, ambit, area of activity/responsibility; an item/thing for discussion/deliberation.
  25. Set aside (phrasal verb) – discard, abandon, dispense with, cast aside, drop; cancel, dismiss, reject.
  26. In the wake of (phrase) – as a result of, in the aftermath of, as a consequence of.
  27. Durable (adjective) – long-lasting, long-term, strong, substantial.
  28. Revival (noun) – improvement, rallying, picking up; re-establishment, reintroduction, restoration.
  29. Outlook (noun) – prospects, expectations, hopes, likely improvement, lookout, future.
  30. Cognisant (adjective) – aware, well informed about, familiar with.
  31. Assert (verb) – state, claim, announce, declare firmly.
  32. Ebb (verb) – diminish, decrease, fade away, disappear; it also means recede, retreat, flow back, go out.
  33. Bounce back (noun) – rebound, quick recovery.
  34. On the back of (phrase) – as a result of, after, subsequent to.
  35. Resilient (adjective) – strong, buoyant, quick to recover, flexible.
  36. Couple with (verb) – combine, integrate, connect, incorporate, link.
  37. Rebound (verb) – recover, rally, pick up.
  38. Lag (noun) – delay.
  39. Pent-up (adjective) – suppressed, confined, held back, not expressed (emotions/feelings).
  40. Underlying (adjective) – fundamental, basic, primary, elementary, intrinsic, essential.
  41. Belie (verb) – contradict, conceal/cover, disguise, misrepresent, falsify.
  42. Deficit (noun) – shortfall, deficiency, shortage.
  43. Widen (verb) – increase, amplify, enlarge.
  44. Sowing (noun) – an act of seeding a plant or crop.
  45. Composite (adjective) – complex, combined.
  46. Persistent (adjective) – continuous, constant, unending, unrelenting, unceasing.
  47. Contraction (noun) – in economics, it refers to a decline in national output as measured by gross domestic product.
  48. Easing (noun) – lessening, reduction, moderation, decrease.
  49. Cereal (noun) – food grains (rice, wheat, millet, maize…)
  50. Edible oil (noun) – cooking oil; fat of plant, animal or microbial origin, which is liquid at room temperature and is suitable for food use.
  51. Fiscal (year) (noun) – financial (year).
  52. Dissent (verb) – disagree with, fail to agree with, refuse to support, object to, dispute, challenge.
  53. Bite the bullet (phrase) – to go through a painful or otherwise unpleasant situation that has been delayed and seen as unavoidable beyond certain stage”. It simply means to accept a difficult decision or situation.

Source : The Hindu Newspaper || Editorial Link

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