The Hindu Editorial Vocab (Road ahead from Gogra) – August 10, 2021

  1. The road ahead (noun) – the future.
  2. Disengagement (noun) – withdrawal, departure, retreat (of military troops from an area of conflict).
  3. Long-lasting (adjective) – enduring, lasting, permanent, firm/stable.
  4. Normalcy (noun) – a normal condition; normality, regularity.
  5. Disengage (verb) – withdraw, pull out, leave, move out, retreat (of military troops from an area of conflict).
  6. Status quo (noun) – a latin phrase meaning the existing state of affairs, particularly with respect to social or political issues; the present situation, the current state.
  7. Upend (verb) – to affect/damage something completely/drastically.
  8. Put in place (phrase) – establish, set up, create/form.
  9. Buffer zone (noun) – neutral area.
  10. Clash (noun) – confrontation, fight, conflict, skirmish, encounter.
  11. Transgress (verb) – infringe, breach, contravene, disobey, break.
  12. Deployment (noun) – the act of employing forces/troops into effective action.
  13. Unwilling (adjective) – reluctant, unenthusiastic, enforced, involuntary.
  14. Patrol (noun) – vigil, guard, watch, monitoring.
  15. Cease (verb) – end, halt, stop.
  16. Patrolling (noun) – watching/guarding an area (over a period of time).
  17. Keep the peace (phrase) – to avoid or stop arguing/disputing/fighting.
  18. Enforce (verb) – force, compel, demand, insist on.
  19. Territorial (adjective) – relating to a particular territory (area/region).
  20. Deploy (verb) – (of troops) move into position, position, station, post, place.
  21. Owing to (phrase) – because of, as a result of, on account of, due to.
  22. Logistics (noun) – the process of planning & executing a complex operation; organization, planning, management, arrangement.
  23. De-escalation (noun) – reduction, lessening, decrease (the intensity of a potentially violent situation).
  24. Come up (phrasal verb) – arise, present itself, occur, happen, emerge, surface.
  25. Long haul (noun) – difficult task.
  26. Ascertain (verb) – find out, discover, come to know, determine, discern.
  27. Step up (phrasal verb) – increase, speed up, intensify, accelerate.
  28. Airbase (noun) – a military airport.
  29. Close the gap (phrase) – to reduce a difference between two people/things .
  30. Dynamic (noun) – basic/fundamental cause or force that triggers change within a system.
  31. Come up with (phrasal verb) – propose, put forward, present.
  32. Transgression (noun) – infringement, contravention, breach, violation, overstepping.
  33. Set back (phrasal verb) – delay, hold up, slow down, decelerate; hinder, hamper, obstruct.
  34. Throw into doubt/question (phrase) – to cause something to be doubted/questioned.

Source : The Hindu Newspaper || Editorial Link

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