The Hindu Editorial Vocab (Choppy waters) – August 11, 2021

  1. Choppy waters (phrase) – this idiomatic expression is used to refer to troublesome, difficult or uncertain times ahead.
  2. Maritime (adjective) – of or related to the sea.
  3. Push for (phrasal verb) – demand, insist on, ask for, call for.
  4. Ratification (noun) – formal consent; permission, approval, confirmation, acceptance (of a treaty/agreement).
  5. Take the stage (phrase) – to become the centre of attention; attract attention onto oneself.
  6. Ties (noun) – association, relationship, bond, connection.
  7. Veer (verb) – change, deviate, diverge.
  8. Trade (verb) – swap, exchange.
  9. Barb (noun) – insult, sneer, jibe, cutting remark, affront, rebuff.
  10. Dissonance (noun) – incongruity, disagreement, disparity, discrepancy, contradiction.
  11. At the heart of (phrase) – at the most important part of.
  12. Strident (adjective) – loud & harsh, forceful, discordant, vociferous, raucous.
  13. Counterclaim (noun) – a claim made against a (previous) claim.
  14. Allegation (noun) – charge, accusation, indictment.
  15. Territorial (adjective) – relating to a particular territory (area/region).
  16. Sovereignty (noun) – jurisdiction, supremacy, dominion, power, authority.
  17. Credit (noun) – praise, admiration, commendation, acclaim, acknowledgement, recognition.
  18. Bring to the table (phrase) – contribute/offer something (of high value) to a discussion.
  19. Five-prong (adjective) – having five aspects/elements.
  20. Barrier (noun) – blockade, hurdle, obstacle, stumbling block, impediment, hindrance.
  21. Legitimate (adjective) – legal, lawful, constitutional.
  22. Non-state actor (noun) – an individual or organization that has significant political influence.
  23. State actor (noun) – a state actor is a person who is acting on behalf of a governmental body.
  24. Preserve (verb) – sustain, conserve, protect, maintain.
  25. Indeed (adverb) – in fact, actually, undeniably.
  26. Legislative framework (noun) – legal structure/system.
  27. Illicit (adjective) – illegal, unlawful, against the law.
  28. At the helm (phrase) – in charge, in command/control/authority; in the driving seat.
  29. Sustained (adjective) – continuous, constant, steady, prolonged, persistent.
  30. Decry (verb) – criticize, denounce, condemn.
  31. Vessel (noun) – ship, yacht, boat.
  32. Provocative (adjective) – annoying, irritating, agitational, inflammatory.
  33. Intimidate (verb) – frighten, threaten, scare, overawe, discourage.
  34. Bully (verb) – persecute, oppress, coerce, browbeat, intimidate.
  35. Strait (noun) – a narrow sea passage (connecting two seas); channel, stretch of water.
  36. Hit out (phrasal verb) – criticize, attack, denounce, lash out, castigate.
  37. Brief (adjective) – of short duration.
  38. Adroit (adjective) – clever, skilful, adept, dexterous, deft.
  39. Squabble (adjective) – quarrelling, arguing, fighting, disagreeing, disputing, clashing.
  40. Seek (verb) – try, aim, attempt; ask for, demand.
  41. Deride (verb) – ridicule, mock, make fun of, insult.
  42. Teeth (noun) – genuine power.
  43. Enforcement (noun) – imposition, implementation, execution.
  44. Comprehensive (adjective) – all-inclusive, broad-based; all-embracing, complete, thorough.
  45. Assert (verb) – declare, announce, pronounce, state firmly.
  46. Rules-based (adjective) – based on a predetermined set of principles.
  47. Advocate (verb) – support, back, uphold, champion, promote, espouse, endorse, urge.

Source : The Hindu Newspaper || Editorial Link

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