The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary (For the record) – 01 September, 2021

  1. Script (verb) – write.
  2. Megapolis (noun) – a very large city (it is New York city in this context).
  3. Skyscraper (noun) – a very tall building.
  4. Beckon (verb) – if something beckons to you, it is very attractive and you feel you have to do something to get it; gesture, signal, wave; attract, captivate, fascinate, persuade.
  5. Draw level with someone (verb) – to become equal to someone.
  6. Royalty (noun) – people of royal blood or status.
  7. Move ahead (phrasal verb) – to make progress, advance, keep going.
  8. Perhaps (adverb) – maybe, possibly.
  9. Acclaimed (adjective) – renowned, lauded, hailed, celebrated.
  10. Relatively (adverb) – comparatively, proportionately, somewhat, to a certain extent/degree.
  11. Rival (noun) – competitor, opponent, contestant, contender.
  12. Tryst (noun) – (romantic) session, meeting, engagement.
  13. Flushing meadows (noun) – home of the U.S Open.
  14. Recuperate (verb) – to recover health from sickness; get better/get back, regain, recoup.
  15. Cope with (verb) – deal with, grapple with, handle/manage.
  16. Marginally (adverb) – slightly, somewhat, to some degree.
  17. Besides (preposition/linking adverb) – in addition to, as well, apart from.
  18. Lord over (phrasal verb) – domineer, dominate, dictate, boss around/about.
  19. Sweep (noun) – an act of winning all games (in a series). (in this context, it is an act of winning all grand slam in a calendar year).
  20. Feat (noun) – achievement, accomplishment, attainment.
  21. Record-busting (adjective) – record-breaking.
  22. Quest (noun) – (difficult) pursuit, hunt search.
  23. Acutely (adverb) – extremely, seriously.
  24. Conscious (adjective) – aware of, alert to, sensitive to, cognizant of, mindful of, sensible of.
  25. Blow a chance (phrase) – ruin, spoil, mess up, bungle, fail to utilize (an opportunity).
  26. Crash out (phrasal verb) – lose, be defeated (badly).
  27. Contrasting (adjective) – different, dissimilar. 
  28. Failing (noun) – fault, shortcoming, weakness, imperfection, defect, flaw.
  29. Akin (adjective) – similar, related, equivalent.
  30. Colonise (verb) – occupy, take over, seize, capture, take possession of.
  31. Unerring (adjective) – unfailing, perfect, flawless, impeccable.
  32. Consistency (noun) – constancy, stability, regularity.
  33. Enduring (adjective) – steadfast, firm, unwavering, long-lasting, long-standing, long-term.
  34. Serb (noun) – a native of Serbia.
  35. Roar (verb) – act fast and decisively.
  36. In contention (noun) – in competition (have a good chance to win it).
  37. Dig into (phrasal verb) – explore, examine, to try to find out about something.
  38. Reserve (noun) – stock, store, supply, accumulation.
  39. Off the turf (phrase) – away from the sporting ground.
  40. Turf (noun) – an area/sphere of activity; territory, domain; play ground.
  41. Petulant (adjective) – complaining, disagreeable, impatient, bad-tempered, in a bad mood.
  42. Bout (noun) – contest, match, round.
  43. Racquet (noun) – tennis bat.
  44. Reign (verb) – hold sway, rule.
  45. Make amends (phrase) – atone, make reparation, make up for.
  46. Take a swipe at (phrase) – to try to hit/strike (something).
  47. Young Turk (noun) – a young person/player (willing to change something radically/completely). 
  48. Mettle (noun) – spirit, fortitude, strength of character, determination, resolve, temperament.
  49. Fluid (adjective) – subject to change; changeable, adjustable, modifiable, variable, unsettled, uncertain, undecided, unstable.
  50. Hold the edge (phrase) – have a slight advantage.
  51. Trail (noun) – path, course, track, route.
  52. Step aside (phrasal verb) – leave, quit, withdraw, resign.
  53. Cite (verb) – refer to, adduce, make reference to, invoke.

Source : The Hindu Newspaper

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