The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary (Pyrrhic victory) – 01 September, 2021

  1. Pyrrhic (adjective) – (of a victory) meaningless, valueless/worthless, useless.
  2. Extremism (noun) – fundamentalism, radicalism, fanaticism, dogmatism.
  3. Counterproductive (adjective) – harmful, damaging, dangerous/destructive.
  4. Wholeheartedly (adverb) – unconditionally, fully, enthusiastically, emphatically.
  5. Leverage (verb) – influence, control, say, dominance, authority.
  6. Ceasefire (noun) – a negotiated agreement that will be accompanied by other associated commitments to de-escalate the fighting; a temporary stoppage of war, truce, armistice.
  7. Shackles (noun) – restrictions, restraints, constraints, barriers.
  8. Slavery (noun) – the condition of being a slave; enslavement, bondage.
  9. Stand on (phrasal verb) – depend on, be based on something.
  10. On someone’s return (phrase) – when someone returns.
  11. Hardly (adverb) – almost not.
  12. Play a part/role (phrase) – contribute to, be instrumental in, be a factor in.
  13. Diplomatic (adjective) – (delicate & sensitive) consular, foreign-policy.
  14. Ties (noun) – association, relationship, bond, connection.
  15. Drive out (phrasal verb) – to force (someone or something) to leave.
  16. Calculus (noun) – calculation, estimation, reasoning.
  17. Host (verb) – entertain, receive, welcome (someone as a guest).
  18. Militant (noun) – fanatic, extremist, radical, sectarian/partisan.
  19. Resume (verb) – restart, start again, return to.
  20. Insurgency (noun) – uprising, revolt, rebellion.
  21. Strategy (noun) – plan of action (in order to achieve a more expansive set of political, economic, and security interests).
  22. Establishment (noun) – system, regime, authority.
  23. Geopolitical (adjective) – relating to (the study of) the geographical factors (a country’s position on the earth, size, climate, and natural resources &, etc.) In world politics and inter-state relations.
  24. Implications (noun) – consequence/outcome, ramification, repercussion.
  25. Irrespective of (adjective) – notwithstanding, without regard for, regardless of.
  26. Resurgence (noun) – reoccurrence/recurrence, reappearance, re-emergence.
  27. Radical (adjective) – extremist, fanatical, militant.
  28. Embolden (verb) – encourage, motivate; strengthen, fortify.
  29. Outfit (noun) – group.
  30. Ideological twin (noun) – something that has a system of ideology exactly like another.
  31. Carry out (phrasal verb) – conduct, perform, implement, execute, bring about.
  32. Deadly (adjective) – fatal, lethal, life-threatening.
  33. Await (verb) – wait for.
  34. Chaotic (adjective) – confused, disrupted, tumultuous, disorganized. 
  35. Affiliate (noun) – agency.
  36. Seek (verb) – try, aim, attempt.
  37. Flourish (verb) – grow, develop, proliferate.
  38. Remnant (noun) – remains, remainder, rest.
  39. Regime (noun) – system.
  40. Overwhelm (verb) – impress, stun, move, affect, make emotional, spellbind.
  41. Pose (verb) – create, cause, produce, give rise to (a danger).
  42. Tactically (adverb) – strategically, diplomatically, politically.
  43. In the long term (phrase) – in the future.
  44. As much as (phrase) – even though.
  45. Safe haven (noun) – refuge, shelter, asylum, place of safety/security.
  46. Transnational (adjective) – involving/relating to two/more countries.

Source : The Hindu Newspaper

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