The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary (For a bona fide press) – 02 September, 2021

  1. Bona fide (adjective) – legitimate, legal, genuine, real, authentic.
  2. Weed out (phrasal verb) – eliminate, remove, get rid of.
  3. Come close (phrase) – achieve or do something practically.
  4. Legislation (noun) – body of laws, acts, rules, regulations, statutes.
  5. Amount to (verb) – constitute, comprise, represent.
  6. Be clothe with (verb) – provide, furnish, confer.
  7. Seek (verb) – try, aim, attempt.
  8. Address (verb) – tackle, deal with, attend to, try to sort out.
  9. Dubious (noun) – suspicious, questionable, doubtful, untrustworthy.
  10. Directive (noun) – ruling, order, regulation, fiat, diktat.
  11. Remedy (noun) – solution, answer, antidote/panacea.
  12. Malady (noun) – a serious problem.
  13. Far-reaching (adjective) – sweeping, overarching, extensive, profound, comprehensive.
  14. Measure (noun) – action, step, procedure.
  15. Dispose of (verb) – throw out, get rid of, do away with, discard, jettison.
  16. Public interest (noun) – the public good; the advantage/benefit of the community in general.
  17. Litigation (noun) – legal action, lawsuit, legal case.
  18. At hand (phrase) – close by, nearby, within reach; at one’s disposal.
  19. Initiate (verb) – file (a case).
  20. Allegation (noun) – charge, accusation, indictment.
  21. In accordance with (phrase) – in agreement with, in conformity with, in line with, in compliance with.
  22. Suspicion (noun) – misgiving, doubt/qualm, distrust, scepticism.
  23. Credentials (noun) – identities, qualities; achievement, experience, knowledge.
  24. Imposter (noun) – fraudster, masquerade, pretender, deceiver.
  25. Masquerade (verb) – pretend, impersonate, disguise (oneself as).
  26. Enrichment (noun) – the method of making wealthy.
  27. Remedial (adjective) – corrective, restorative, reparative.
  28. Obscure (noun) – unknown, unheard of, undistinguished, insignificant, unimportant.
  29. Devote (verb) – allocate, assign, allot, give (ones time).
  30. Wangle (verb) – acquire, obtain, grab  (by clever manipulation/tactic/trick).
  31. Vested interest (noun) – a personal interest in something to get a benefit.
  32. Broadly (adverb) – generally, usually, commonly.
  33. Accreditation (noun) – it means recognition of news media representatives by the government of India for purpose of access to sources of information in the government and also to news materials, written or pictorial, released by the press information bureau and/or other agencies of the government of India.
  34. Besides (preposition/linking adverb) – in addition to, as well, apart from.
  35. Watchdog (noun) – a person or organization that monitors/inspects/supervises others’ activities/conducts.  Inspector/supervisor, observer, ombudsman.
  36. Substantive (adjective) – important, significant, considerable.
  37. Enforcement (noun) – imposition, implementation, execution.
  38. Accredit (verb) – license, authorize, approve.
  39. Entitlement (noun) – allowance, allocation, allotment, grant.
  40. Welfare (noun) – social security, government/state benefit, public assistance.
  41. Statutory (adjective) – legitimate; required by statute.
  42. Zealously (adverb) – fervently, ardently, purposefully, intensely, single-mindedly. 
  43. End up (phrasal verb) – come/appear, find oneself (to a particular course of action in the end).
  44. Encompass (verb) – include, incorporate, comprise, take in.
  45. Weigh (verb) – consider, think about, contemplate, deliberate about, reflect on.

Source : The Hindu Newspaper

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