The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary (An uneven uptick) – 04 September, 2021

  1. Uneven (adjective) – inconsistent, varying, changeable, fluctuating, irregular, patchy.
  2. Uptick (noun) – a small increase or upward trend.
  3. Yield (verb) – produce, give, provide (financial return/gain).
  4. Blip (noun) – a small/very short & temporary deviation (from normality/trend).
  5. Fell past tense of fall (verb) – decrease, decline, reduce, lessen.
  6. Aftermath (noun) – consequences, after-effects, repercussions; end result, outcome.
  7. In the aftermath of (phrase) – in the wake of, as a consequence of, as a result of.
  8. Mobility (noun) – transportability, portability.
  9. Curb (noun) – restriction, check, control, limitation, restraint, constraint.
  10. Ease up (phrasal verb) – become less strict, diminish, lessen, abate, subside, slacken off.
  11. Phased (adjective) – gradual, step-by-step, staggered; relating to something carried out/performed/pursued in stages; timed at intervals (of something as they don’t happen at the same time).
  12. Stutter (verb) – stumble, falter, flounder, pause, halt; progress/advance hesitantly/irregularly.
  13. Going forward (phrase) – in the future.
  14. Robust (adjective) – strong, powerful.
  15. Persist (verb) – continue, carry on, keep up, remain, linger, stay.
  16. Come true (phrase) – be realized, happen, occur.
  17. Trigger (verb) – cause, give rise to, bring about, prompt (a particular action to happen). 
  18. In tandem (phrase) – alongside each other.
  19. Ease out (phrasal verb) – remove someone/something gradually.
  20. Pertain to (verb) – concern, relate to, be connected with.
  21. Largely (adverb) – to a large/great extent.
  22. Ease (verb) – lessen, reduce, decrease (restrictions).
  23. Surge (verb) – rise or increase suddenly.
  24. Sequential (adjective) – continuous, consecutive, in succession.
  25. Choppy (adjective) – uneven, turbulent, unstable, tumultuous.
  26. Compliance (noun) – conformity, observance, observation, accordance, adherence.
  27. Reiterate (verb) – repeat, say again, restate.
  28. Accompanying (adjective) – connected, related, linked.
  29. Regime (noun) – system.
  30. Distil (verb) – extract, draw out, take out (most important aspects of).
  31. Deviate from (verb) – diverge, change, differ, depart.
  32. Spike (noun) – a sharp rise/increase of something.
  33. Strive (verb) – try, attempt, make every effort.
  34. Disclosure (noun) – revelation, report, declaration, announcement.
  35. Selectively (adverb) – discriminatorily.
  36. Delicately (adverb) – tactfully.
  37. Poise (verb) – balance, hover, hold steady, get in position, remain at a place/level.
  38. Stumble (verb) – struggle, flounder, falter, stagger, shamble; fall, slip into.
  39. Stress (verb) – overstretch, overtax, push to the limit, pressurize, pressure, burden, strain.
  40. Slip (verb) – decrease, drop, decline, slump, tumble, plunge, plummet.
  41. Month-on-month (adjective) – used to compare data for one month with that in previous months.
  42. Talk up (phrasal verb) – to speak about something enthusiastically & positively.
  43. When the chips are down (phrase) – in a very difficult, tough or dangerous situation.

Source : The Hindu Newspaper

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