The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary (Life after death) – 06 September, 2021

  1. Seize the opportunity (phrase) – take advantage of.
  2. Demise (noun) – death, dying, passing away.
  3. Bring down/lower the curtain on (phrase) – to bring an end to something.
  4. Separatist (noun/adjective) – dissident, nonconformist, sectarian, rebellious.
  5. Strident (adjective) – loud & harsh, forceful, discordant, vociferous.  
  6. Stream (noun) – a mass of people or things; crowd, host, horde.
  7. Separatism (noun) – dissension, nonconformity, dissent/faction.
  8. Rebellion (noun) – defiance, disobedience, dissent, nonconformity, subversion.
  9. Steadfast (adjective) – firm, determined, resolute,  single-minded, relentless.
  10. Barrier (noun) – blockade, hurdle, obstacle, stumbling block, impediment, hindrance.
  11. Potential (adjective) – possible, likely, prospective, probable.
  12. Settlement (noun) – resolution, sorting out, solution, solving, bringing to an end, reconciliation.
  13. Formulate (verb) – draw up, work out, plan, prepare, create systematically.
  14. Recalcitrance (noun) – an attitude of uncooperative, resistant, non-compliant.
  15. Harden (verb) – become more severe; become hard, become tough; toughen, inure.
  16. Stir (verb) – spur, induce, inspire, incite, prompt, propel, provoke. 
  17. Outpouring (noun) – outburst, outflowing, cascade (of strong emotion); a lot of something happening at the same time.
  18. Grievance (noun) – protestation, charge, complaint, objection.
  19. Policing (noun) – the enforcement of rules/regulations; overseeing, monitoring, inspection.
  20. Account for (phrasal verb) – to give a reason for something; give an explanation, provide a rationale for. 
  21. Wary (adjective) – cautious, careful, circumspect, alert.
  22. Relentless (adjective) – constant, continuous, non-stop, unceasing.
  23. Brand (verb) – label, classify, categorize; stigmatize, accuse of being.
  24. Crackdown (noun) – getting tough, severe/stern measures, restriction, suppression/repression, clampdown.
  25. Acquire (verb) – get, obtain, receive.
  26. Aggressive (adjective) – assertive, forceful, insistent, vigorous.
  27. Edge (noun) – advantage, lead, head start, trump card.
  28. Negotiation (noun) – discussions, talks, deliberation; discussing the terms of, arrangement.
  29. Mainstream (adjective) – accepted, established, recognized.
  30. Mainstream (noun) – something (certain beliefs/ideas/activities) which are accepted or recognized by most people as normal or typical.
  31. Save (preposition) – except, apart from, other than, besides.
  32. Half-hearted (adjective) – unenthusiastic, apathetic, indifferent, unconcerned, dispassionate, uninterested.
  33. Erstwhile (adjective) – old, previous, former, then.
  34. Strip of (verb) – dispossess, deprive, deny/remove, take away from (rank, power, etc.).
  35. Autonomy (noun) – self-governing (region); self-government, self-rule.
  36. Volatile (adjective) – unpredictable, turbulent, uncertain, inconstant.
  37. Euphoria (noun) – elation, excitement, delight/happiness.
  38. Exult (verb) – rejoice, be joyful, be happy, be pleased.
  39. Seek (verb) – try, aim, attempt.
  40. Self-congratulatory (adjective) – self-satisfied, self-admired, excessively proud, overly complacent.
  41. Far from (phrase) – not, not at all.
  42. Secession (noun) – splitting, separation, breakaway.
  43. Render (verb) – make, cause to be, cause to become.
  44. Irrelevant (adjective) – immaterial, unrelated, not germane, unimportant/insignificant.
  45. Revolve around (phrasal verb) – be concerned with, focus on, concentrate on, centre around.
  46. Restoration (noun) – reinstitution, re-establishment, reinstallation, revival.
  47. Statehood (noun) – the condition of being an independent state.
  48. Relative (adjective) – reasonable, a fair degree of, considerable, comparative, some.
  49. Acquiescence (noun) – consent/approval, agreement, acceptance.
  50. Follow through (phrasal verb) – continue with, carry/keep on with, keep going with, stay with; bring to completion/end, complete.
  51. In earnest (phrase) – zealously, purposefully, determinedly, resolutely, with enthusiasm, with dedication, with commitment.
  52. Chaos (noun) – disorder, disarray, turmoil, disorganization, disruption.
  53. Deliberation (noun) – careful discussion, consideration, thought/thinking, contemplation.
  54. Set the stage for (phrase) – prepare the circumstances for the beginning of something.
  55. Outfit (noun) – group.

Source : The Hindu Newspaper

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