The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary (From fighters to rulers) – 07 September, 2021



  1. Speculation (noun) – prediction, guesswork, surmise, notion, opinion/thought.
  2. Fled – Past of Flee (verb) – escape from, run away from, leave hastily, take flight, abscond.
  3. Hold out (phrasal verb) – resist, withstand, fight off, stand up to, square up to, fight against.
  4. Faction (noun) – group, section, division (within a larger group).
  5. Composition (noun) – structure, formation, organization.
  6. Designated (adjective) – identified, recognized, classified.
  7. Entity (noun) – organization, body, institution, establishment.
  8. The jockeying (noun) – competition, vying, contest; struggle, fight, tussle. 
  9. Jockey (verb) – compete, contend, vie; struggle, fight, tussle.
  10. Reportedly (adverb) – supposedly, seemingly, apparently, professedly, ostensibly, purportedly.
  11. Portfolio (noun) – the area of responsibility (department) assigned to a minister.
  12. Escalate (verb) – increase, heighten, intensify.
  13. Appearance (noun) – arrival, advent, coming.
  14. Tussle (noun) – argument, disagreement, quarrel, contention.
  15. Consolidate (verb) – strengthen, reinforce, fortify.
  16. Takeover (noun) – seizure, occupation, capture; gaining of control, change of ownership.
  17. Outcome (noun) – consequence.
  18. Hold the key (phrase) – to have control over something.
  19. Regime (noun) – government.
  20. Diplomacy (noun) – international politics, foreign affairs, foreign policy; negotiations, discussions, talks, dialogue (related to international politics).
  21. Overt (adjective) – clear, apparent, conspicuous, obvious, noticeable.
  22. Red flag (noun) – warning, caution, alarm bells.
  23. Contingent on (adjective) – dependent, conditional.
  24. Amenable (adjective) – manageable, responsive, easily handled.
  25. In terms of (phrase) – with regard to, regarding/concerning, in connection with.
  26. To this end (phrase) – in order to achieve this goal/aim.
  27. Delist (verb) – remove from a list.
  28. Exemption (noun) – immunity, exclusion, freedom.
  29. Sanctions (noun) – action taken, or an order given to force a country to obey international laws by limiting or stopping trade with that country, by not allowing economic aid for that country, etc; embargo, ban, prohibition, barrier, restriction.
  30. Chair (verb) – preside over, lead, control/direct.
  31. Willingness (noun) – readiness, preparedness, disposition, inclination.
  32. Comply (verb) – abide by, adhere to, conform to, follow.

Source : The Hindu Newspaper

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