The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary (Back at school) – 09 September, 2021



  1. Nascent (adjective) – just beginning, emerging, rising, advancing, burgeoning.
  2. Sustain (verb) – continue, carry on, keep up, maintain, bolster up.
  3. Consensus (noun) – an idea or opinion that is shared by all the people in a group.
  4. Outweigh (verb) – be greater than; take priority over, prevail over; offset, cancel out.
  5. Surge (noun) – sudden increase or rise of something.
  6. Trigger (verb) – cause, prompt, give rise to, bring about.
  7. Negligent (adjective) – careless, remiss, neglectful, lax, irresponsible, inattentive, heedless.
  8. Venture (verb) – dare, be so bold as, be brave enough, have the courage.
  9. Resumption (noun) – restart, restarting, recommencement, reopening. 
  10. Pose (verb) – constitute, present, create, cause (a problem or danger or risk).
  11. Crippling (adjective) – weakening, damaging, impairing, destroying, spoiling, paralyzing.
  12. Alacrity (noun) – readiness, willingness, swiftness, promptness.
  13. Prolonged (adjective) – lengthy, extended, protracted, unending, unrelenting.
  14. Mere (adjective) – just, only, minimal.
  15. Findings (noun) – conclusion, result; decision, recommendation.
  16. Implications (noun) – consequence/outcome, ramification, repercussion.
  17. Advocacy (noun) – support, endorsement, backing, approval.
  18. Staggered (adjective) – phased; relating to something carried out/performed/pursued in stages; timed at intervals (of something as they don’t happen at the same time).
  19. Evolve (verb) – develop, progress, advance, expand, enlarge gradually.
  20. Cluster (noun) – a group (of people/things considered as a unit). (an aggregation of cases of a disease. A coronavirus cluster occurs when there is a concentration of infections in the same area at the same time).
  21. Lead to (verb) – result in, cause, bring on.
  22. Cohort (noun) – group of people (within a particular category/classification).
  23. Pupil (noun) – student, schoolchild, learner.
  24. Caveat (verb) – be given warning, caution, red flag.
  25. Take note of (phrase) – pay attention, heed, take notice, observe, notice.
  26. Ventilation (noun) – the supplying of fresh air to a room.
  27. Hesitancy (noun) – reluctance, unwillingness, disinclination.
  28. Vaccine hesitancy (noun) – a reluctance or refusal to be vaccinated or to have one’s children vaccinated; reluctance or refusal to vaccinate despite the availability of vaccines.
  29. Populist (adjective) – relating to the political approach which claims that it is representing the common/ordinary people.
  30. Indulgence (noun) – extravagance, luxury, comfort, non-essential (thing), extra (thing).
  31. Spike (noun) – a sharp rise/increase of something.
  32. Jeopardise (verb) – imperil, threaten, put at risk, put in danger, endanger.

Source : The Hindu Newspaper

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