The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary (Return of the Mullahs) – 10 September, 2021



  1. Inclusive (adjective) – all-inclusive, including all the parties/groups involved in something.
  2. Lay something to rest (phrase – to end something.
  3. Ethnic (adjective) – relating to a population subgroup (cultural, national, traditional/folk) with a common national or cultural tradition.
  4. Predominantly (adverb) – mainly, mostly.
  5. Make up (phrasal verb) – constitute, account for, comprise, form, compose.
  6. Ethnically (adverb) – culturally, racially.
  7. Diverse (adjective) – very different, varying, multiple.
  8. Discrimination (noun) – prejudice, intolerance, inequity, unfairness (against an individual or group of individuals by society and its institutions (basically in the procedures, policies or objectives) as a whole.
  9. Reclusive (adjective) – solitary, secluded/isolated, introverted.
  10. Emir (noun) – a military commander, chief, ruler, leader (in Islamic countries).
  11. Assume (verb) – accept, undertake, take on (the power/responsibility).  
  12. Portfolio (noun) – the area of responsibility (department) assigned to a minister.
  13. Resemble (verb) – look like, be similar to, be like.
  14. Disregard (noun) – indifference, inattention, heedlessness, carelessness, neglect, lack of notice, negligence.
  15. Avatar (noun) – type.
  16. Holdout (noun) – an act of holding out (resisting) something.
  17. Overrun (verb) – invade, overwhelm, occupy (a place).
  18. Tighten (verb) – make stricter, make more rigorous, make more stringent, stiffen, toughen.
  19. Grip (noun) – control, power, hold.
  20. Tighten your grip on something (phrase) – start to control something more strictly.
  21. Contradiction (noun) – a combination of statements opposed to one another.
  22. Gloss over (phrasal verb) – ignore, avoid talking about/dealing with something unpleasant and treat it as less important; conceal or cover up a mistake/crime; hide, camouflage, whitewash.
  23. Divisive (adjective) – relating to something that causes arguments between people; disharmonious, discordant, alienating, estranging, isolating.
  24. Hit back (phrasal verb) – retaliate against, strike back at, counter.
  25. Exclusion (noun) – banning, prohibition; elimination, ruling out; expulsion, removal.
  26. Marginalisation (noun) – an act of making something as insignificant/unimportant.
  27. Ethnicity (noun) – a category of people who identify with each other based on common language, ancestral, social, cultural, or national experiences.
  28. Blow back (phrasal verb) – to have an unforeseen negative consequences of an action/decision.
  29. Vibrant (adjective) – high-spirited, energetic, lively.
  30. Quietly (adverb) – silently.
  31. Crackdown (noun) – getting tough, severe/stern measures, restriction, suppression/repression, clampdown.
  32. Spark (verb) – prompt, trigger, provoke, incite.
  33. Unimaginable (adjective) – unthinkable, inconceivable, unbelievable.
  34. Wise (adjective) – well advised, well thought out, well judged, far-sighted; sensible rational, logical.
  35. Heal (verb) – alleviate, assuage, relieve, ease, lessen, mitigate.
  36. Wound (noun) – pain, distress, grief, trauma, anguish.
  37. Ruptured (adjective) – divided, disrupted, broken, fractured.
  38. Sectarian (adjective) – dogmatic, partisan, fanatical, bigoted, narrow-minded.
  39. Programmatically (adverb) – in a programmatic manner. (according to a program, schedule, or method).

Source : The Hindu Newspaper

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