The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary (The first time) – 14 September, 2021



  1. Stunning (adjective) – remarkable, extraordinary, outstanding.
  2. Lead-up to (noun) – circumstances, conditions, situation (before an event).
  3. Script (noun) – narrative.
  4. Lay out (phrasal verb) – set out, detail, arrange, outline, formulate.
  5. Secure (verb) – obtain, acquire, gain, win.
  6. Narrative (noun) – a representation of a particular situation; portrayal/account, script/story.
  7. Flip the script (noun) – change/reverse/turn the representation/order of a particular situation; do something unpredicted/unanticipated.
  8. Astonishing (adjective) – staggering, shocking, surprising.
  9. Maiden (adjective) – first.
  10. Pursuit (noun) – aspiration, quest, striving.
  11. Feat (non) – achievement, accomplishment, attainment, deed/act, exploit.
  12. Unconventional (adjective) – unusual, rare, distinctive, individual, unprecedented.
  13. Counter-puncher (noun) – (in tennis) a defensive baseliner who tries to return every ball and relies on the opponent making mistakes.  
  14. Blistering (adjective) – very fast, very forceful, very strong.
  15. Lay (verb) – prepare, work out, think up, plan.
  16. Racquet (noun) – tennis bat.
  17. Remarkably (adverb) – strikingly, exceptionally, incredibly.
  18. Lateral movement (noun) – the ability to effectively move sideways.
  19. Toll (noun) – adverse effect, undesirable consequence, detriment, harm, damage.
  20. Fortnight (noun) – a period of two weeks/fourteen days continuously.
  21. In the way (phrase) – creating an obstacle/hindrance to something (an action).
  22. Weep (verb) – cry, shed tears.
  23. Solace (noun) – comfort, consolation, support.
  24. Notoriously (adverb) – infamously, ill-reputedly, noticeably (with a bad quality).
  25. Fickle (adjective) – changeable, variable, volatile, mercurial, unpredictable; inconstant, disloyal, undependable, unstable, unfaithful.
  26. Warm (up) to (phrasal verb) – like, become enthusiastic about, become supportive of, become excited about.
  27. Straightforward (adjective) – uncomplicated, simple, easy, effortless, undemanding, unexacting.
  28. Lopsided (adjective) – one-sided, uneven, unequal.
  29. Overcome (verb) – defeat, beat, conquer, triumph over, gain a victory over, win against.
  30. In succession (phrase) – one after another, on the trot, consecutively, successively.
  31. Beyond (adjective) – outside the physical limits (of someone).
  32. Await (verb) – wait for, expect, anticipate.
  33. Plot (verb) – plan, arrange, organize, lay, devise, frame, think up.
  34. Amidst (preposition) – amid, in the middle of; during.
  35. Contend (verb) – compete, challenge, vie, contest.
  36. Amiable (adjective) – friendly, affable, cordial.
  37. Fledgling (noun as modifier) – emerging, beginning, developing (inexperienced person).
  38. Triumph (verb) – prevail, win, succeed.
  39. Unheralded (adjective) – unknown, unfamiliar, new; not previously notified, expected, not acclaimed.
  40. Capitalise on (verb) – take advantage of, use, make use of, benefit from.
  41. Wild card (noun) – special opportunity, permission (to play in a sports tournament without playing qualifiers).
  42. Hold one’s head high (phrase) – to be proud (of yourself); to be confident, to not feel ashamed/embarrassed.
  43. Flair (noun) – talent, instinct, ability, skill.
  44. Worthy (adjective) – admirable, praiseworthy, laudable, commendable, deserving, meritorious, creditable.
  45. Fascinating (adjective) – interesting, captivating, engaging, thrilling.
  46. Adorn (verb) – grace, beautify, enrich, decorate.

Source : The Hindu Newspaper

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