The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary (Talking amid conflict) – 14 September, 2021



  1. Amid (preposition) – in the middle of, surrounded by; during.
  2. Free fall (noun) – sudden decline of something; relating to something declining rapidly.
  3. Trade war/tariff war (noun) – a condition in which a country increases tariffs on foreign goods and imposes quota restrictions to restrict other countries’ trade.
  4. Ties (noun) – association, relationship, bond, connection.
  5. Strain (verb) – hurt, damage, impair.
  6. Strained (adjective) – damaged, impaired, awkward, troubled, embarrassed.
  7. Rancour (noun) – bitterness, hate, resentment/hostility, hatred.
  8. Perilous (adjective) – dangerous, risky, precarious, insecure, life-threatening.
  9. Prompt (verb) – cause, encourage, stimulate, impel, urge.
  10. Counterpart (noun) – someone or something that has the same job or purpose as another; equivalent, equal, fellow.
  11. Inauguration (noun) – the formal admission of someone to the office; introduction, formation, beginning (of something).
  12. Veer (verb) – change, deviate, diverge.
  13. Sought past participle seek (verb) – ask for, request, appeal for.
  14. Contentious (adjective) – controversial, disputable, debatable. 
  15. For one’s part (phrase) – from one’s standpoint, in one’s opinion, in one’s view. 
  16. Concession (noun) – compromise, adjustment, modification; allowance, exception.
  17. Thorny (adjective) – problematic, tricky, delicate, controversial.
  18. Revoke (verb) – cancel, repeal, reverse, abrogate.
  19. Extradition (noun) – the action of surrendering/handing over a fugitive (a person who has escaped from being confined/accused of a crime) from one jurisdiction to another by mutual agreements between the two countries. Deportation, handover, expulsion.
  20. On trial (phrase) – being prosecuted in a court of law.
  21. Stance (noun) – position, approach, standpoint.
  22. Call (for) (noun) – requirement, demand, need, necessity.
  23. Liken (verb) – compare, equate, correlate.
  24. Oasis (noun) – a small patch of vegetation surrounded by desert; a fertile land in a desert.
  25. Sooner or later (phrase) – eventually, in the end, finally.
  26. Endure (verb) – tolerate, withstand, sustain, put up with, go along with, suffer.
  27. Insulate (verb) – protect, safeguard, shield.
  28. Discord (noun) – strife, conflict, friction, hostility, disagreement, lack of agreement, lack of harmony.
  29. Precise (adjective) – exact, accurate, specific.
  30. With regard to (phrase) – regarding, concerning, with respect to, in respect of, with reference to.
  31. On the contrary (phrase) – conversely, just the opposite.
  32. Hit out (phrasal verb) – criticize, attack, denounce, lash out, castigate.
  33. Waver (verb) – be undecided, be irresolute, be indecisive, hesitate, vacillate, fluctuate.
  34. Backpedal (verb) – back down on, go back on, withdraw, backtrack .
  35. Unfathomable (adjective) – difficult to understand; incomprehensible, cryptic, mysterious, perplexing/bewildering.

Source : The Hindu Newspaper

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