The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary (Rape and insensitivity) 30 August, 2021

  1. Insensitivity (noun) – lack of concern, carelessness, apathy, heartlessness, not caring about others’ feelings.
  2. Narrative (noun) – a representation of a particular situation; portrayal, account, report.
  3. Predicate on/upon (phrasal verb) – base, be dependent, found, premise.
  4. Unhindered (adjective) – unopposed, unconfined, unconstrained, unimpeded.
  5. Send shock waves (phrase) – upset a large number of people; shock, shake up.
  6. Juvenile (noun) – teenager, minor, young person.
  7. In connection with (phrase) – regarding, concerning, with reference to, in relation to.
  8. Rob (verb) – steal, thieve.
  9. Valuables (noun) – costly things.
  10. Assault (verb) – physically attack, beat, thrash.
  11. Hurriedly (adverb) – quickly, hastily, speedily, in a hurry.
  12. Cremate (verb) – dispose (of a dead person’s body) by burning after funeral ceremony.
  13. Keep away from (phrasal verb) – make someone stay away from.
  14. Stringent (adjective) – strict, severe, extreme, rigorous.
  15. To make matters worse (phrase) – to make a difficult situation even more difficult; aggravate, compound, exacerbate.
  16. Misogynist (adjective) – relating to misogyny; anti-feminist, male chauvinist, male supremacist.
  17. Survivorblaming (adjective) – relating to an act of blaming the survivor of a sexual assault/abuse.
  18. Inept (adjective) – unsuccessful, ineffectual, incompetent, clumsy, bungling, substandard.
  19. Invariably (adverb) – always, every time, each time.
  20. Heinous (adjective) – horrible, disgraceful, shameful, contemptible, hateful, shocking.
  21. Pull up (phrasal verb) – criticize, reprimand, rebuke, scold, castigate, reprove, reproach, censure.
  22. Stay out (phrasal verb) – to go home late; to not come to home at night.
  23. Warped (adjective) – abnormal, strange, weird.
  24. Evade (verb) – avoid, dodge, elude, escape from, stay away from.
  25. Assailant (noun) – attacker.
  26. Adhere to (verb) – abide by, follow, obey, comply with.
  27. Conservative (adjective) – traditional, conventional, orthodox.
  28. Norm (noun) – standard, convention, rules of conduct.
  29. Attire (noun) – clothing/clothes, garments, dress.
  30. Bring up (phrasal verb) – rear, raise (a child); care for, take care of, look after, nurture.
  31. Ensue (verb) – occur, happen, take place (as a result of something).
  32. Politicise (verb) – to make something into a political issue.
  33. Retract (verb) – take back, go back on, disclaim/disavow.
  34. Insensitive (adjective) – harsh, cruel, heartless, unfeeling, inconsiderate, thoughtless, unconcerned.
  35. Step in (phrasal verb) – intervene, become involved, get involved.
  36. Flip flop (noun) – a sudden reversal of something, particularly a policy/plan.
  37. Missive (noun) – message, report, announcement, bulletin, communiqué, news, notification, announcement.
  38. Activist (noun) – a person who supports a political or societal change/cause.
  39. Cry foul (phrase) – to protest against/complain about something done by someone is wrong (or) not fair.
  40. Play a part/role (phrase) – contribute to, be instrumental in, be a factor in.
  41. Soul-searching (noun) – self-analysis, introversion, self-observation, self-absorption.
  42. Entrenched (adjective) – ingrained, established, well established.
  43. Paternalistic (adjective) – relating to the behaviour of people in authority in a fatherly manner restricting rights or responsibilities of subordinate and make decisions on their own.
  44. Misogynistic (adjective) – firmly biased against women.
  45. Regrettably (adverb) – sadly, unhappily.
  46. At times (phrase) – sometimes, occasionally, now and then.
  47. Fall short of (phrase) – fail to meet/reach; be deficient/inadequate/insufficient.
  48. Ruling (noun) – judgement, adjudication, verdict.
  49. Reiterate (verb) – repeat, say again, restate.
  50. Lacuna (noun) – a gap/empty space; missing part of something; deficiency, absence.
  51. Penal (adjective) – (of an activity) punishable by law; disciplinary, punitive, corrective.
  52. Penal code (noun) – legal system for punishing crimes.
  53. Marital (adjective) – matrimonial; relating to marriage/wedding.
  54. Come a long way (phrase) – to become very successful; to make considerable progress.
  55. Patriarchal (adjective) – relating to cultures or societies that are controlled/headed by men.
  56. Ills (noun) – problems, troubles, difficulties.
  57. Curb (verb) – control, contain, restrict, limit.

Source : The Hindu Newspaper

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