The Hindu Vocab (Lead Article – Squaring up to India’s education emergency) – 13 August, 2021

  1. Square up to (phrasal verb) – to face, deal with, tackle something (a problematic person/thing or difficult situation) determinedly.
  2. Make up for (phrasal verb) – compensate for, make reparation for; offset, counterbalance, counterweigh.
  3. Enforce (verb) – force, compel, demand, insist on.
  4. Federal (adjective) – relating to a system of government in which establishments such as states or provinces share power with a national government.
  5. In-person (adjective) – relating to an event/class where people/student physically present together.
  6. Irrespective of (adjective) – notwithstanding, without regard for, regardless of.
  7. Evolution (noun) – progress, advancement, progression, development.
  8. Stringency (noun) – the condition of being rigorous & strict.
  9. Containment (noun) – limitation, restraining, restriction, restraint.
  10. As a result (phrase) – subsequently, therefore, thus.
  11. Contrast with (verb) – differ from, be at variance with, be contrary to, conflict with.
  12. Prolonged (adjective) – lengthy, extended, protracted, unending, unrelenting.
  13. Ineffectiveness (noun) – failure, inaction, inefficiency, powerlessness, uselessness.
  14. Inequality (noun) – inequality is simply defined as “the state of not being equal, especially in status, rights and opportunities; imbalance, unevenness, disproportion, disparity.
  15. Sophisticated (adjective) – highly developed.
  16. Affluent (adjective) – wealthy, well off, rich.
  17. Less affluent (adjective) – less wealthy, less well-off, poor.
  18. Impose (verb) – force, thrust, inflict (an unwelcome decision/ruling).
  19. Severity (noun) – seriousness.
  20. Outbreak (noun) – outburst, flaring up, breakout, sudden appearance/occurrence of something.
  21. Hybrid (adjective) – composed/combined of different elements.
  22. Hybrid (noun) – an educational model where some students attend class in-person, while others join the class virtually from home.
  23. Modality (noun) – a particular method or procedure.
  24. Gesture (noun) – action, deed, move.
  25. Lockout (noun) – work stoppage; shutdown (of a company/organisation/institution).
  26. Hapless (adjective) – unfortunate, unlucky, ill-fated.
  27. Bridge (verb) – join, link, connect, unite.
  28. Follow-up (noun) – continuation, development.
  29. Leverage (verb) – use, make use of, utilize (to maximum gain).
  30. Nevertheless (adverb) – in spite of everything, notwithstanding, regardless, anyway, anyhow, however.
  31. Lock out (phrasal verb) – exclude from, keep out, refuse entrance to, deny admittance to.
  32. Dropout (noun) – discontinuation, termination, withdrawal.
  33. Ravage (verb) – devastate, ruin, destroy, wreak havoc on, damage.
  34. Sibling (noun) – brother or sister.
  35. Ironically (adverb) – paradoxically, unexpectedly, strangely.
  36. Malnutrition (noun) – undernourishment, undernutrition, poor/unhealthy/inadequate diet.
  37. Standardised (adjective) – systematized, regulated.
  38. Bridge course (noun) – short, cantered/focused, intensive learning course.
  39. Remedial (adjective) – corrective, restorative, reparative.
  40. Facile (adjective) – simplistic, superficial, oversimplified; effortless, easy, undemanding, unexacting.
  41. Water down (phrasal verb) – reduce, moderate, mitigate, tone down (something to be less forceful or less effective).
  42. Push through (phrasal verb) – to make a plan to put something into use as quickly as possible.
  43. Kick the can down the road (phrase) – delay, put off doing something, postpone action.
  44. Stakeholder (noun) – a person with an interest in something.
  45. Diagnosis (noun) – identification, recognition, determination.
  46. Accompany (verb) – go with, supplement, augment, enhance.
  47. Trajectory (noun) – way, path, track/course, route, direction, approach.
  48. Deploy (verb) – use, utilize, employ, make use of.
  49. Luck out (phrasal verb) – achieve success (by good luck).

Source : The Hindu Newspaper || Editorial Link

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