The Hindu Vocab (Lead Article – The significance of the ‘there is no data’ answer) – 19 August, 2021

  1. Dictum (noun) – saying, proverb, axiom, adage, truism.
  2. Unlikely (adjective) – doubtful, implausible, improbable, questionable.
  3. Mounting (adjective) – increasing.
  4. Show someone in a bad light (phrase) – to make someone appear to be a bad one.
  5. In a bad light (phrase) – in a method that makes someone or something to look bad; so as to give bad impression.
  6. Filing cabinet (noun) – folder, portfolio; cupboard, case.
  7. Desperate (adjective) – despairing, hopeless, anguished, distressed; serious, critical.
  8. Pertinent (adjective) – relevant, appropriate, applicable.
  9. Noteworthy (adjective) – worthy of mention, significant, important, noticeable, interesting.
  10. Slump (noun) – decline, tumble, downturn, steep fall, decrease.
  11. Ominous (adjective) – threatening, menacing, inauspicious, unpromising, unfavourable.
  12. Proposition (noun) – (formal) statement.
  13. Manual scavenging (noun) – it is a caste-based occupation involving the removal of untreated human excreta (stools) from bucket toilets or pit latrines, that has been officially abolished by law in India as a dehumanizing practice. Manual scavenger is a person engaged in or employed for manually carrying human excreta.
  14. Lack of (noun) – deficiency, scarcity, unavailability.
  15. Stubborn (adjective) – adamant, uncompromising, inflexible, uncooperative, headstrong.
  16. Stonewall (noun) – obstruction, delaying of something.
  17. Inoculation (noun) – vaccination, injection, immunization; jab, shot.
  18. Narrative (noun) – a representation of a particular situation; portrayal/account.
  19. Notional (adjective) – estimated.
  20. Weave (verb) – make up, fabricate, put together, construct, create.
  21. Comprehend (verb) – understand, realize, fathom.
  22. Trivial (adjective) – unimportant, superficial, insignificant.
  23. Hands-off (adjective) – indifferent, lax, non-interventional, non-interfering.
  24. Acknowledge (verb) – accept, recognize, realize.
  25. Discounted (adjective) – reduced, lowered, lessened.
  26. Tantamount to (adjective) – equivalent to, comparable to, amounting to, on a par with.
  27. Enter the ring (phrase) – take up a challenge.
  28. Open up (phrasal verb) – make something present, make something available.
  29. Mess (noun) – plight, predicament, difficulty, trouble, quandary, dilemma, problem, confusion.
  30. Deterioration (noun) – decline, collapse/failure, degradation/breakdown.
  31. State of affairs (phrase) – condition, situation, circumstances.
  32. Across the board (phrase) – applying to all.
  33. Embody (verb) – symbolize, represent, personify.
  34. Personalization (noun) – personification, embodiment, representation, symbolization.
  35. Flip side (noun) – other side.
  36. Imply (verb) – suggest, hint, intimate.
  37. Centralised (adjective) – controlled by a single authority.
  38. Credit (noun) – praise, commendation, acclaim, approval, acknowledgement, recognition.
  39. Botch-up (noun) – fiasco, failure, wreck.
  40. Keep at bay (phrase) – prevent someone/something from having an effect.
  41. Conversely (adverb) – inversely, the other way round, oppositely, reciprocally.
  42. Pretend (verb) – act like, make believe, behave (like something is true even it is not); to give false appearance, fake.
  43. Deflect (verb) – deviate, distract, turn aside, aver, side-track.
  44. Accountability (noun) – responsibility, liability, answerability.
  45. Mesmerise (verb) – captivate, fascinate, hypnotize/spellbind.
  46. Centralisation (noun) – the process of having functions, powers, people or things only in a central location or authority.
  47. Wash one’s hands of (phrase) – disown, disclaim, renounce, reject, disavow.
  48. Derail (verb) – obstruct, interrupt, impede/thwart.
  49. Deflection (noun) – deviation, divergence, declination.
  50. Variant (noun) – different form or version.
  51. Hold someone responsible/accountable for (phrase) – blame someone for something.
  52. Evasion (noun) – dodging, bypassing/sidestepping, circumvention.
  53. Regime (noun) – government.
  54. Fuss (noun) – excessive/unnecessary excitement, activity; uproar, disturbance.
  55. Make a fuss (phrase) – become angry and complain; to express one’s opposition to or disagreement with something.
  56. Fiction (noun) – untruth, falsehood, fib, fabrication, deception, made-up story, falsification.
  57. Withhold (verb) – refuse to give, fail to disclose, hold back.
  58. Go on to (phrasal verb) – last, continue, carry on, proceed; happen, occur.
  59. Market (verb) – advertise, promote (something).
  60. Dismal (adjective) – bad, poor, dreadful, awful, terrible.
  61. Gigantic (adjective) – huge, wide, extensive.
  62. Ration (noun) – the practice of having a fixed allowance of food, esp. A statutory one for civilians (particularly in time of scarcity or soldiers in time of war); allowance, allocation, allotment.
  63. Put in place (phrase) – establish, set up, create/form.
  64. Extract (verb) – obtain, get, take.
  65. Snoop (verb) – to look around secretly to find out (private) information about someone/something; pry, spy on, intrude on, poke one’s nose in; investigate, ferret around in.
  66. Revelation (noun) – disclosure, declaration, report/news, announcement.
  67. Consortium (noun) – association, syndicate, corporation, federation.
  68. Expose (verb) – reveal, uncover, lay bare, display, manifest, unveil.
  69. Asymmetry (noun) – lack of equality, non-uniformity, unevenness, lack of symmetry.
  70. Sustain (verb) – continue, carry on, keep up, maintain, bolster up.
  71. In the dark (phrase) – unaware of, ignorant of, uninformed about.
  72. Moreover (adverb) – besides, furthermore, in addition.
  73. Brazenness (noun) – boldness, shamelessness, immodesty, lack of decency.
  74. On record (phrase) – officially documented/recorded; on paper.
  75. Constitutional (adjective) – legal, lawful, legitimate.
  76. Fora – (Plural noun of forum) – (noun) – assembly, gathering, council.
  77. Unbridled (adjective) – unrestrained, unconstrained, uncontrolled.
  78. Unconstrained (adjective) – unfettered, unrestricted, uncontrolled.
  79. Apiece (adverb) – each, respectively, individually.
  80. Skew (noun) – misrepresentation, twisting, falsification, misreporting, misstatement, manipulation.
  81. Activist (noun) – a person who supports a political or societal change/cause.
  82. Lest (conjunction) – in case, just in case.
  83. Diluted (adjective) – weakened/reduced.
  84. Speak up (phrase) – to express one’s opinion (in support/against someone/something) openly.
  85. At the height of (phrase) – at the most extreme part/point of something.
  86. Hapless (adjective) – unfortunate, unlucky, ill-fated.
  87. End up (phrasal verb) – come/appear, find oneself (to a particular course of action in the end).
  88. Shores (noun) – bank, edge, waterside.
  89. Kith and kin (phrase) – family, parents, relatives, relations, nearest and dearest.
  90. A tall order (phrase) – something that is very difficult to do; demanding, exacting, difficult (task/job).
  91. Mouthpiece (noun) – a person/newspaper that only conveys a particular party/organisation’s opinions; spokesperson, propagandist, voice.
  92. Bug (noun) – fault, error, defect, flaw.
  93. Ideology (noun) – a system of belief, set of principles.
  94. Unhesitatingly (adverb) – purposefully, single-mindedly, decidedly, firmly; immediately.
  95. Push for (phrasal verb) – demand, insist on, ask for, call for.

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