The Hindu Vocab (Lead Article – The draw of space and nuclear technologies) – August 02, 2021

  1. Venture (noun) – undertaking, operation, activity.
  2. Strike a chord (phrase) – cause someone to remember something related to him/her in a certain way; arouse an emotional feeling to something (either positively or negatively).
  3. Blast off (phrasal verb) – be launched, take off, leave the ground, become airborne.
  4. Momentous (adjective) – significant, important, historic, crucial/critical.
  5. With an eye on (phrase) – with an intention of; focus on a specific thing.
  6. Breeder reactor (noun) – a type of nuclear reactor which produces more fissile materials than it consumes.
  7. Power hungry (adjective) – requiring a lot of electrical power.
  8. Proliferation (noun) – rapid increase, rise, escalation.
  9. Assert (verb) – declare, state, submit, posit, announce, pronounce; insist on, stand up for, uphold, push for, stress.
  10. Auspicious (adjective) – favourable, promising, optimistic, hopeful, encouraging.
  11. Mitigate (verb) – alleviate, reduce, diminish, lessen.
  12. Renaissance (noun) – revival, renewal, re-emergence reappearance.
  13. Alleviate (verb) – reduce, control, mitigate/moderate.
  14. Deal a blow (phrase) – to harm or upset someone or something.
  15. Blow (noun) – shock, surprise; setback/misfortune.
  16. Swiftly (adverb) – rapidly, quickly, fast, speedily.
  17. Scale up (phrasal verb) – increase, expand, augment.
  18. Energy poverty (noun) – the lack of access to sustainable modern energy services and products. In simple words, energy poverty is the inability of a household (family) to meet their energy needs.
  19. Turn one’s attention/mind to (phrase) – to apply one’s focus, and effort to something.
  20. Phase out (phrasal verb) – provide/eliminate (something in gradual stages).
  21. Standstill (noun) – deadlock, impasse, stalemate/stand-off.
  22. Liability (noun) – (legal) accountability, responsibility, legal responsibility, answerability (for one’s acts or omissions).
  23. Go in for (phrasal verb) – take part in, participate in, engage in, get involved in.
  24. Knock at the door (phrase) – to try to get the attention of.
  25. Global warming (noun) – it is the unusually rapid increase in earth’s average surface temperature over the past century primarily due to the greenhouse gases released as people burn fossil fuels.
  26. Apparent (adjective) – evident/clear, visible, noticeable, recognizable.
  27. Sustainable (adjective) – reasonable, sensible, well-founded (without disturbing the balance of nature and then without exhausting all of the natural resources).
  28. Cast a shadow over/on (phrase) – spoil, diminish, let down.
  29. Prospects (noun) – chances, possibilities, expectations, outlook, future.
  30. Furthermore (adverb) – moreover, additionally, besides.
  31. Framework (noun) – structure, system.
  32. Fossil fuel (noun) – non renewable resources (or fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas are formed from the buried/deposited organic materials).
  33. Natrium (noun) – (formerly) sodium.
  34. Moreover (adverb) – besides, furthermore, in addition.
  35. Subsidise (verb/noun) – support, finance, contribute to, provide finance for. (it generally means “pay part of the cost of something, so that it is available at a lower price”).
  36. Non-proliferation (noun) – prevention of the spread of something (nuclear weapons, weapons technology & etc.).
  37. Sentinel (noun) – guard.
  38. Envisage (verb) – expect, intend, propose, envision, contemplate.
  39. Bipartisan (adjective) – involving cooperation between two (opposite & big) political parties.
  40. Congressional (adjective) – relating to the congress (legislative assembly in the u.s).
  41. Inert (adjective) – chemically inactive.
  42. Fraught with (adjective) – full of.
  43. Rather than (phrase) – instead of.
  44. Take off (phrasal verb) – succeed, do well, become popular, progress, work out.
  45. Restraint (noun) – restriction, limitation.
  46. Handful (adjective) – few, one or two, a small number.
  47. Lead to (verb) – result in, cause, bring on, give rise to.
  48. Gimmick (noun) – publicity device, stunt, trick.
  49. Call into question (phrase) – doubt, distrust, mistrust, suspect.
  50. Reliance on (noun) – confidence in, dependence, belief in.

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