The Hindu Vocab (Lead Article – India’s schoolchildren need their childhood back) – August 07, 2021

  1. In-person (adjective) – relating to an event/class where people/student physically present together.
  2. Sporadically (adverb) – occasionally, now and then, at intervals, intermittently.
  3. Razor-sharp (adjective) – acute, quick, ingenious, clever, intelligent.
  4. Wide-ranging (adjective) – comprehensive, extensive, expansive, sweeping.
  5. Lose sight of (phrase) – pay no attention to, fail to consider, fail to be aware of.
  6. Deprive of (verb) – dispossess, strip of, deny, prevent from having.
  7. Chaos (noun) – disorder, disarray, turmoil, disorganization, disruption.
  8. Result in (phrasal verb) – cause, bring on, bring about.
  9. Amidst (preposition) – amid, in the middle of; during.
  10. Inflation (noun) – simply meaning “cost of living”; increase of price level of goods & services and vice versa decrease of currency value.
  11. Stated (adjective) – agreed, declared; claimed, professed.
  12. Serosurvey (noun) – collection and testing of serum (or proxy such as oral fluid) specimens from a sample of a
    defined population over a specified period of time to estimate the prevalence of antibodies against a given
    specific infectious pathogen as an indicator of immunity.
  13. Serology (noun) – a method of diagnostic examination of blood serum concerning the immune system’s response to pathogens (the pathogen is something, like bacteria/virus, that causes disease). (serum is an amber (yellowish-orange), watery fluid, rich in proteins, obtained from blood…).
  14. Seropositive (noun) – testing positive for a given pathogen (virus/bacteria) in a test of blood serum.
  15. One-size-fits-all (adjective) – suitable for/used in all circumstances.
  16. Surge (verb) – rise or increase suddenly.
  17. Counterpart (noun) – someone or something that has the same job or purpose as another; equivalent, equal, fellow.
  18. A host of (noun) – a lot, a large number, a great quantity.
  19. Task force (noun) – unit, crew, outfit, section (mainly arranged for a task).
  20. Overnight (adverb) – instantly, promptly, immediately, suddenly, quickly; swiftly, expeditiously.
  21. Call for (phrasal verb) – require, publicly ask/necessitate, demand.
  22. Procure (verb) – buy, purchase.
  23. Akin (adjective) – similar, related, equivalent.
  24. Undertake (verb) – begin, start; engage in, become involved in.
  25. Severity (noun) – seriousness.
  26. Vigilant (adjective) – watchful, careful, alert.
  27. Expose (verb) – make vulnerable; subject to something (infectious agents & others).
  28. Staggered (adjective) – phased; relating to something carried out/performed/pursued in stages; timed at intervals (of something as they don’t happen at the same time).
  29. Infrastructure (noun) – the basic physical or organisational structure for something (to function properly).
  30. Hybrid learning (noun) – an educational model where some students attend class in-person, while others join the class virtually from home.
  31. Formulate (verb) – draw up, work out, plan, prepare, develop, create systematically.
  32. Protocol (noun) – agreement, treaty, pact, compact.
  33. Ventilation (noun) – the supplying of fresh air to a room.
  34. Humble (adjective) – modest, plain, simple, ordinary.
  35. Do wonders (phrase) – to be effective/successful.
  36. Logistics (noun) – the process of planning & executing a complex operation; organization, planning, management, arrangement.
  37. Scramble (verb) – struggle, hurry, rush, run.
  38. Paediatric (adjective) – relating to the branch of medicine dealing with the health and medical care of infants & children.
  39. Implementation (noun) – execution, application, carrying out.
  40. Mitigation (noun) – alleviation, reduction; lessening, relief.
  41. Adhere to (verb) – abide by, follow, obey, comply with.
  42. Curtail (verb) – decrease, lessen, reduce, restrict, limit.
  43. Exposure (noun) – in medicine, the condition of being subjected to something (infectious agents & others).
  44. Abuzz (adjective) – filled with excitement, exciting experience, thrill.
  45. Pod (noun) – a self-contained unit.
  46. Privilege (noun) – advantage, right, benefit, prerogative, entitlement.
  47. Status quo (noun) – the present situation, the current state, the existing state of affairs.
  48. Super-spreader (noun) – a person/patient who infects significantly/disproportionately a large number of people with a disease/virus than usual.
  49. Go out (phrasal verb) – leave one’s home to go to.
  50. Steak (noun) – a thick slice of high-quality meat, particularly beef.

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