The Hindu Vocabulary (Lead Article – The next step in democratic evolution is overdue) – 01 September, 2021

  1. Evolution (noun) – progress, advancement, progression, development.
  2. Overdue (adjective) – pending, remaining, outstanding, delayed, belated.
  3. Darkening (adjective) – depressing, distressing, dispiriting; dismal, awful, unhappy, sad.
  4. Authoritarianism (noun) – autocracy, totalitarianism.
  5. Compose (verb) – constitute, form, comprise.
  6. Bony (adjective) – of bone.
  7. Skeleton (noun) –  the bones of a human considered as a whole, together composing the framework/structure of the body.
  8. Hold together (phrasal verb) – cause something to remain united.
  9. Vital (adjective) – key, essential, important.
  10. Cease (verb) – halt, stop.
  11. Overpower (verb) – affect, disturb, overwhelm.  
  12. Distinguish (verb) – differentiate, separate, set apart, make different.
  13. Authoritarian (adjective) – draconian, undemocratic, dictatorial, totalitarian.
  14. Liveliness (noun) – spiritedness, briskness, robustness, vigorousness.
  15. Open-minded (adjective) – unbiased, unprejudiced, accepting, non-partisan, neutral, non-discriminatory, dispassionate.
  16. Deliberation (noun) – consideration, thought/thinking, careful discussion, contemplation.
  17. Perspective (noun) – way of thinking, interpretation, viewpoint, approach.
  18. Chamber (noun) – an enclosed space; legislature.
  19. Partisan (adjective) – biased, prejudiced, one-sided.
  20. Address (verb) – tackle, deal with, attend to, try to sort out.
  21. Inequity (noun) – unfairness, partiality, favouritism, bias, discrimination.
  22. Brew (verb) – develop, loom, impend (of something bad/unpleasant situation).
  23. Discontent (noun) – dissatisfaction, disaffection, disgruntlement, grievances, unhappiness, displeasure.
  24. Hamstring (verb) – hamper, hinder, obstruct, impede; handicap, constrain, restrict, cripple.
  25. Degenerate (verb) – deteriorate, decline, worsen.
  26. Dismay (verb) – appal, horrify, shock.
  27. On the heels of (phrase) – close behind, soon after, right after, following closely.
  28. Intervention (noun) – involvement, mediation, arbitration; intrusion, meddling.
  29. Faction (noun) – group, section, division (within a larger group).
  30. Widening (adjective) – increasing.
  31. Fissure (noun) – a state of incompatibility; disagreement, gap/crack.
  32. Discourse (noun) – discussion, conversation, communication, expression.
  33. Bind (verb) – unite, join, draw together.
  34. Fabric (noun) – the basic/fundamental structure.
  35. Fray (verb) – wear away, unravel, become tattered; strain, overtax.
  36. Diverse (adjective) – very different, varying, multiple.
  37. Tout (verb) – endorse, praise, recommend.
  38. Saviour (noun) – someone/something saving (people) from danger/difficulty; rescuer, liberator, deliverer.
  39. Point of view (noun) – opinion, view, viewpoint, standpoint.
  40. Turn out (phrasal verb) – happen, develop, end (in a specific way).
  41. Algorithm (noun) – the list of instructions and rules that something (e.g. A computer) needs to do to complete a task.
  42. Echo chamber (verb) – (of news media) an environment where a person only encounters information or opinions that reflect and reinforce their own.
  43. Lob (verb) – throw, toss, hurl, pelt.
  44. Chronic (adjective) – continuing, persisting, reoccurring (for a long time).
  45. Cry (out) for (phrasal verb) – demand something.
  46. Descend into (phrasal verb) – degenerate, deteriorate, decline.
  47. Ail (verb) – trouble, bother, burden, distress.
  48. Dispensation (noun) – organization, establishment, system; government.
  49. Non-partisan (adjective) – fair, unbiased, impartial, neutral.
  50. Transnational (adjective) – involving/relating to two/more countries.
  51. Consent (noun) – approval, agreement, assent, concurrence, acceptance.
  52. Periodic (adjective) – regular, recurrent, repeated, cyclical.
  53. Referendum (noun) – public vote; a direct vote in which people cast ballots to decide on a specific issue or policy (referenda is its plural).
  54. Deepen (verb) – increase, intensify.
  55. A word of caution (phrase) – a warning.
  56. Viz. (adverb) – namely, specifically, in other words.
  57. Accentuate (verb) – highlight, underline, focus attention on.
  58. Cleavage (noun) – separation, rupture, fragmentation.
  59. Supplement (verb) – augment, increase, boost, enlarge.
  60. On the other hand (phrase) – as an alternative.
  61. Put together (phrasal verb) – assemble, gather together.
  62. Cleave (verb) – split, split open, crack open, divide, sever, splinter.
  63. Anticipate (verb) – expect, foresee, foretell, predict.
  64. Athenian (adjective) – (figuratively) democratic.
  65. Mob (noun) – a large, disorganized, and often violent crowd of people.
  66. Insight (noun) – perception, awareness, understanding, discernment, comprehension, far-sightedness.
  67. Analogy (noun) – comparison; similarity, parallel, correlation.
  68. Respiration (noun) – breathing.
  69. Self-healing (adjective) – the process of healing or recovering oneself/itself.
  70. Womb (noun) – uterus; the organ of a woman in which fetus (unborn child) develops before birth.
  71. Tone up (phrasal verb) – became stronger; give strength; give firmness.
  72. Elocution (noun) – a particular method of speaking; pronunciation, articulation, speech, voicing.
  73. Riposte (noun) – answer, reply, response, retaliation.
  74. Exploration (noun) – research, examination, investigation.
  75. Monoculture (noun) – (in agriculture) the agricultural practice of producing or growing a single idea (crop) in a (farming) field at a time.
  76. Monoculture (noun) – (in general) the practice of encouraging/supporting a single idea/view/opinion.
  77. Sterile (adjective) – pointless, ineffective, uninspiring.
  78. Diversity (noun) – existence/presence of different people (from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives ranging from race to age to gender to hometown to educational experience) within group; variety, variance, difference.
  79. Composition (noun) – structure, formation, organization.
  80. Cacophony (noun) – noise, din, uproar, discord.
  81. Deliberative democracy (noun) – deliberative democracy or deliberative engagement is all about placing people (citizens, residents, affected individuals) closer to the affairs of government and decision makers.

Source : The Hindu Newspaper

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