The Hindu Vocabulary (Lead Article – Certainly not the end of the road for the U.S.) – 04 September, 2021

  1. The end of the road (phrase) – the end/conclusion of something.
  2. Demise (noun) – end, failure, disintegration, fall.
  3. Misreading (noun) – misinterpretation, misunderstanding, incomprehension, misapprehension.
  4. Abruptly (adverb) – suddenly, unexpectedly.
  5. Sought past participle seek (verb) – try, aim, attempt.
  6. Strategic (adjective) – relating to achieving long-term or overall goals.
  7. Watershed (moment) (noun) – it used to mean ‘important changes’ or the ‘turning point’ in a situation or event. The event that marks a historic change; historic, milestone, landmark (moment).
  8. Bring down/lower the curtain on (phrase) – to bring an end to something.
  9. Ascendency (noun) – dominance, control, authority.
  10. Questionnaire (noun) – set of questions.
  11. Mercifully (adverb) – forgivingly, compassionately, leniently.
  12. Commentator (noun) – critic, analyst, observer.
  13. Plight (noun) – difficult situation, trouble/difficulty, quandary.
  14. Arsenal (noun) – array, range, line-up, collection of something (e.g. Nuclear weapons).
  15. In one fell swoop (phrase) – all at once, together, at the same time, in one go.
  16. Go up in smoke (phrase) – fail, not succeed, go amiss.
  17. Retaliate (verb) – hit back, counterattack, take revenge.
  18. Overthrow (verb) – remove, topple, oust, unseat, bring down.
  19. Regime (noun) – government.
  20. Accomplish (verb) – complete, carry out, fulfil, achieve, realize, attain successfully.
  21. Withstand (verb) – resist, fight, combat, grapple with, oppose, face, confront.
  22. Onslaught (noun) – attack, assault, onrush, aggression.
  23. Adversary (noun) – rival, enemy, nemesis, opponent.
  24. Impose oneself (phrase) – intrude, obtrude, trespass, impinge.
  25. Prevalence (noun) – commonness, widespread presence, generality, extensiveness.
  26. Fatten (verb) – feed up, build up, gain weight, fill out.
  27. Largesse (noun) – generosity, benefaction, magnanimity; handouts, grants, aid.
  28. Mandate (noun) – authority, approval, acceptance, ratification, endorsement.
  29. Leave behind (phrasal verb) – forget, lose, abandon, desert, disown.
  30. Predecessor (noun) – previous holder of the post; forerunner, precursor, antecedent.
  31. Breathe / heave a sigh of relief (phrase) – to suddenly feel relieved (or feel happy) that something unpleasant has not happened (sigh is a long & deep audible breathing out of relief).
  32. Racism (noun) – the belief that a particular race is superior or inferior to another.
  33. Grab (verb) – obtain, get, gain (something) quickly.
  34. In earnest (phrase) – zealously, purposefully, determinedly, resolutely, with enthusiasm, with dedication, with commitment.
  35. Ally (noun) – a country/state with an alliance with another one in which they promise to support each other militarily and to defend each other.
  36. Stand by (phrasal verb) – stand up for, support, uphold, back.
  37. Tolerate (verb) – allow, permit, agree to, approve.
  38. Pursue (verb) – engage in, conduct, take part in, take up (an activity).
  39. Inherit (verb) – assume, take over, receive something (e.g. A situation & etc.) From a predecessor (previous holder of the post).
  40. Follow up (phrasal verb) – continue/carry on something further.
  41. Vacuum (noun) – gap, lacuna.
  42. Wipe out (phrasal verb) – eliminate, abolish, remove (completely).
  43. Tragic (adjective) – disastrous, terrible, awful, deplorable.
  44. Debacle (noun) – fiasco, failure, disaster.
  45. Graceless (adjective) – inept, socially awkward.
  46. Replete with (adjective) – filled with, overloaded, well supplied/stocked with.
  47. Folly (noun) – foolishness, stupidity, madness, irresponsibility, thoughtlessness.
  48. In one’s favour (phrase) – to one’s benefit/advantage.
  49. Decisiveness (noun) – the ability to make decisions quickly & successfully.
  50. Debris (noun) – remains; wreckage, spoilage.
  51. Approbation (noun) – approval, acceptance, support, assent.
  52. Betrayal (noun) – disloyalty, bad faith, faithlessness, falseness; deception, double-dealing.
  53. Patron (noun) – supporter, backer, upholder, advocate, champion.
  54. Go out of one’s way (phrase) – take the time, take the trouble, make the effort, exert oneself.
  55. Evacuation (noun) – the act of moving people from a dangerous place; depopulation, clearance, emptying.
  56. Ultimatum (noun) – (final) warning, demand, notice, conditions/terms.
  57. Fiasco (noun) – failure, mess/disaster, catastrophe.
  58. Misadventure (noun) – misfortune; problem/difficulty, mishap/setback.
  59. Take something in one’s stride (phrase) – to deal with a problem or difficulty in a calm & easy way and not allow it to have an effect on you.
  60. Stride (noun) – step (taken to achieve a goal).
  61. On account of (phrase) – because of, owing to, due to, by virtue of.
  62. Sagacious (adjective) – wise, thoughtful, sensible.
  63. Competent (adjective) – capable, proficient, knowledgeable, efficient.
  64. Sink (verb) – go down, drop, fall, descend.
  65. Constellation (noun) – similar people or things.
  66. Stake (noun) – interest, involvement, concern.
  67. Expansionist (adjective) – relating to a policy by a government or country to increase its land or power.
  68. Dictatorship (noun) – totalitarianism, absolute rule, autocracy.
  69. Restrain (verb) – control, regulate, restrict, prevent.
  70. Benign (adjective) – caring, considerate, thoughtful, generous, accommodating.
  71. Exaggerate (verb) – overstate, overemphasize, overstress, amplify.

Source : The Hindu Newspaper

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