The Hindu Vocabulary (Lead Article – A global war on terror with no tangible results) – 13 September, 2021



  1. Tangible (adjective) – real, actual, solid, concrete, substantial, well defined.
  2. If anything (phrase) – perhaps, may be, presumably.
  3. Scourge (noun) – misfortune, burden/bane, affliction.
  4. Transnational (adjective) – involving/relating to two/more countries.
  5. Triumphantly (adverb) – victoriously, successfully; joyfully, proudly.
  6. Hoist (verb) – rise up, lift up, elevate.
  7. Start off (phrasal verb) – begin to do something; begin to function; begin to operate.
  8. Regime (noun) – government.
  9. Unprecedented (adjective) – not done or experienced before.
  10. Invade (verb) – occupy, conquer, capture, seize, take over.
  11. Landlocked (adjective) – (a country) surrounded by land.
  12. Yield (verb) – produce, give, provide.
  13. Blunder (noun) – mistake, error, gaffe, fault.
  14. Facilitate (verb) – make easy, enable, assist, clear the way for.
  15. Takeover (noun) – seizure, occupation, capture; gaining of control, change of ownership.
  16. Nagging (adjective) – persistently or continuously troublesome; worrying, distressing, painful.
  17. Seed (noun) – genesis, source, origin, starting point, beginnings.
  18. Sow (verb) – cause, bring about, prompt, trigger, spark off.
  19. Rear (verb) – bring up, care for, look after, nurture.
  20. Baffle (verb) – perplex, puzzle, bewilder, mystify.
  21. Expend (verb) – spend, disburse, use up, use, utilize.
  22. Treasure (noun) – riches, valuables, money, wealth, fortune.
  23. Protracted (adjective) – lengthy, prolonged, extended.
  24. Ultimately (adverb) – eventually, in the end, finally.
  25. Allied (adjective) – relating to the united kingdom and allies in the first and second world wars and after.
  26. Personnel (noun) – force, staff, workforce, employee.
  27. Triumph (noun) – win, victory, success.
  28. The great Satan (noun) – derogatory epithet (belittling/disrespectful nickname (especially in Iran) for the united states of America, particularly with regard to its supposedly imperialist (aggressive) foreign policy.
  29. Ally (noun) – a country/state with an alliance with another one in which they promise to support each other militarily and to defend each other.
  30. Belt (noun) – region, area, territory, zone.
  31. Debacle (noun) – fiasco, failure, disaster.
  32. Rejuvenated (adjective) – reconstructed, renovated, overhauled, revamped; revived, renewed, reorganized.
  33. Epicentre (noun) – the main point of unpleasant or problematic situation.
  34. Expansionist (adjective) – relating to a policy by a government or country to increase its land or power.
  35. Lock in (phrasal verb) – be involved in (a difficult situation).
  36. Standoff (noun) – deadlock, stalemate, impasse (in a dispute/conflict).
  37. Fiasco (noun) – failure, mess/disaster, catastrophe.
  38. In keeping with (phrase) – in accordance with, in agreement with, in line with.
  39. Objective (noun) – aim, intention, purpose, target, goal.
  40. Rattle (verb) – disturb, discomfit, disconcert/unnerve.
  41. Throw someone under the bus (phrase) – to betray someone (a friend/colleague) in order to gain a personal advantage.
  42. Memoir (noun) – autobiography, life story, recollections/experiences.
  43. Misleading (adjective) – deceptive, confusing, ambiguous, false.
  44. Distinction (noun) – difference, variation.
  45. Predecessor (noun) – previous holder of the post; forerunner, precursor, antecedent.
  46. Disregard (verb) – ignore, take no notice of, pay no attention to, pay no heed to.
  47. Apparent (adjective) – evident/clear, visible, noticeable, recognizable.
  48. Paint (verb) – portray, depict, describe, represent.
  49. Sworn (adjective) – recognized, confirmed, admitted.
  50. Acknowledgment (noun) – acceptance, admission, recognition, realization.
  51. Conquest (noun) – (successful) ascent, rise, scaling (new heights).
  52. Seek (verb) – try, aim, attempt.
  53. Interlinked (adjective) – joined (together), interweaved, intertwined.
  54. Campaign (noun) – military operation, manoeuvre, battle plan.
  55. Downplay (verb) – play down, underemphasize, understate; make something to look less important/significant.
  56. Implications (noun) – consequence/outcome, ramification, repercussion.
  57. Thesis (noun) – theory, premise, assumption, contention, argument.
  58. Court (verb) – curry favour with, seek the favour of, try to win over, try to get on the good side of.
  59. Counterterrorism (noun) – anti-terrorism; actions taken to combat or prevent terrorism.
  60. Fly in the face of (phrase) – go against, flout, defy, disobey, disregard, ignore; break, violate, contravene, breach.
  61. Viper (noun) – traitor, turncoat, betrayer, informer, back-stabber, double-dealer.
  62. Sustained (adjective) – continuous, constant.
  63. In order to (phrase) – with the purpose/aim of.
  64. Enduring (adjective) – permanent, long-lasting, longstanding, long-term.
  65. Entwine (verb) – weave together, intertwine, interlink.
  66. Entity (noun) – organization, establishment.
  67. Line-up (noun) – list.
  68. Insulate (verb) – protect, safeguard, shield.
  69. Pin something on someone (phrase) – to blame someone for something.
  70. Intelligence (noun) – the team/people involved in the collection of (military/political) information.
  71. Deception (noun) – fraudulence, double-dealing, trickery, cheating.
  72. Plausible (adjective) – probable, possible; believable, conceivable.
  73. Deniability (noun) – the ability to deny something.
  74. Cadre (noun) – members of a (political) group.
  75. Safe haven (noun) – refuge, shelter, asylum, place of safety/security.
  76. Inmate (noun) – inhabitant, occupant, a person living in an institution (like hospital, prison, etc.).
  77. Designate (adjective/suffix) – used to describe someone who has been officially selected to do a particular job, but has not yet started doing it.
  78. Interim (adjective) – provisional, temporary, intervening, transitional.
  79. Reap (verb) – receive, obtain, get, acquire.
  80. Reap the (bitter) fruits of (phrase) – go through the bitter consequences of.
  81. Bitter (adjective) – painful, unpleasant, disagreeable, awful, distressing.
  82. Coddling (noun) – pampering, spoon-feeding, over-parenting; spoiling.
  83. Go off the rails (phrase) – start to act in an uncontrolled way.
  84. Imperative (noun) – necessary condition, precondition, essential requirement.
  85. Consensus (noun) – an idea or opinion that is shared by all the people in a group.
  86. Give rise to (phrase) – produce, bring about, cause.
  87. Frankenstein’s monster (noun) – a thing that destroys its creator.

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