The Hindu Vocabulary (Lead Article – Afghanistan — the shape of things to come) – 15 September, 2021



  1. The shape of things to come (phrase) – what is likely to develop in the future.
  2. Narrowly (adverb) – narrow-mindedly, short-sightedly, intolerantly, illiberally.
  3. Embrace (noun) – acceptance, support, backing.
  4. Extremist (noun) – fanatic, radical, militant, fundamentalist, hardliner, dogmatist.
  5. Inheritance (noun) – the passing on of something (traits, properties, etc,.) From parents to their offspring; legacy, bequest, endowment.
  6. Sovereignty (noun) – sovereignty means the independent authority of the state, not being subject to the control of any other state or external power; independent authority/control, self-government, self-rule.
  7. Invariably (adverb) – always, every time, each time.
  8. Nurture (verb) – look after, rear, support, raise, promote, foster.
  9. Logistics (noun) – the process of planning & executing a complex operation; organization, planning, management, arrangement.
  10. March (noun) – progress, advance, progression, development, headway.
  11. Drone (noun) – unmanned aircraft/missile.
  12. Tip the balance (phrase) – be the deciding factor; make the critical difference.
  13. Glare (noun) – public attention, public notice.
  14. Ascent (noun) – rise, growth.
  15. Spontaneous (adjective) – automatic, involuntary, instinctive.
  16. Benign (adjective) – approachable, considerate, thoughtful, helpful, accommodating.
  17. Front runner (noun) – probable winner.
  18. Keep out (phrasal verb) – exclude, deny access to, shut out; bar, ban, prohibit.
  19. Solicit (verb) – ask for, request, apply for, seek, press for, call for.
  20. Recognition (noun) – acknowledgement, acceptance, approval, accreditation, endorsement.
  21. Fledgling (noun as modifier) – emerging, beginning, developing.
  22. Veritable (adjective) – true, precise, correct, exact, factual.
  23. Subject to (verb) – put through, undergo, go through, experience.
  24. Detention (noun) – imprisonment, confinement/incarceration, captivity, custody.
  25. Solidarity (noun) – unity, unanimity, harmony, cooperation.
  26. Incarcerate (verb) – jail, take into custody, lock up, detain/confine, put in prison.
  27. Unrevoked (adjective) – not cancelled/withdrawn.
  28. Bounty (noun) – recompense, remuneration, dividend, endowment, handout/reward.
  29. Refugee (noun) – displaced person, asylum seeker, exile, deportee, stateless person, émigré.
  30. Repatriation (noun) – the return of (someone/something) to their country of origin.
  31. Attaché (noun) – envoy, diplomat, ambassador extraordinary, consul, emissary, representative with a specialized area of responsibility.
  32. Factionalism (noun) – it refers to conflict and infighting between small groups (factions) within a larger one, especially in politics.
  33. Characterise (verb) – identify, depict, describe.
  34. Consensus (noun) – an idea or opinion that is shared by all the people in a group.
  35. Interim (adjective) – provisional, temporary, intervening, transitional.
  36. Accommodative (adjective) – aimed to encourage economic activity by reducing interest rates;
  37. Indeed (adverb) – in fact, actually, undeniably.
  38. Concession (noun) – compromise, adjustment, modification; allowance, exception.
  39. Restitution (noun) – compensation, reparation, redress; remedy.
  40. Speak of (phrasal verb) – mention, talk about, discuss, refer to.
  41. Underprivileged (adjective) – disadvantaged, impoverished, poverty-stricken.
  42. The underprivileged (noun) – disadvantaged, impoverished, poverty-stricken people.
  43. Hardliner (noun) – a group/a political party with people who support strict ideas and they are extreme & uncompromising.
  44. Partisan (adjective) – biased, prejudiced, one-sided.
  45. Manoeuvre (verb) – manipulate, contrive, manage, engineer, plot, orchestrate, choreograph.
  46. Spoils (noun) – gains, profits, benefits, advantage.
  47. Faction (noun) – group, section, division (within a larger group).
  48. Vantage point (noun) – point of view, position, viewpoint, standpoint, opinion.
  49. Overturn (verb) – cancel, reverse, repeal, revoke.
  50. Oversight (noun) – management, direction, control, command.
  51. Neutralise (verb) – eliminate, cancel out, invalidate; counteract, counterbalance.
  52. Existential (adjective) – relating to existence.
  53. Uphold (verb) – support, confirm, endorse/approve, vindicate/validate.
  54. Sever (verb) – break off, discontinue, suspend, put an end to.
  55. Riddle with (verb) – fill with, spread through, overrun, plague/beset (something undesirable).
  56. Rein in (phrasal verb) – to control, restrain, restrict, limit someone/something.
  57. Disgruntled (adjective) – aggrieved, dissatisfied, unhappy/disappointed.
  58. Ideologically (adverb) – dogmatically, conventionally; in a method which relates to an ideology.
  59. Enmesh (verb) – entangle, involve, mix up.
  60. Safe haven (noun) – refuge, shelter, asylum, place of safety/security.
  61. Spurt (noun) – sudden increase, rise, surge.
  62. Sporadic (adjective) – occasional, infrequent, irregular, unpredictable.
  63. Uprising (noun) – insurgency, revolution, rebellion.
  64. Repression (noun) – suppression, oppression, quelling, restraining/stifling.
  65. Given (preposition) – considering, taking into account, bearing in mind.
  66. Make-up (noun) – structure, framework, composition, formation.
  67. Moorings (noun) – stabilizing influence/power; anchors.
  68. Consolidation (noun) – unification.
  69. Unmindful (adjective) – careless of, disregardful of, regardless of, unheeding of, neglectful of, unconscious of.
  70. Fragmentation (noun) – breaking, separation, disintegration.
  71. Ranks (noun) – the people belonging to a group or class.
  72. Simmering (adjective) – burning, fuming, raging, smouldering. 
  73. Resentment (noun) – bitterness, indignation, irritation, enmity, hatred/hate.
  74. Servile (adjective) – slavish, abject, subservient; bootlicking.
  75. Subjugated (adjective) – overpowered, hegemonized.
  76. Dissipate (verb) – disappear, vanish, disperse.
  77. In the face of (phrase) – despite, notwithstanding, regardless of; when confronted with.
  78. Vociferously (adverb) – vigorously, outspokenly, vehemently, forcefully, forthrightly.
  79. On the back foot (phrase) – in a defensive position, off balance, at a disadvantage.
  80. Depreciation (noun) – devaluation, devaluing, decrease in value, markdown.
  81. Uncertainty (noun) – unpredictability, unreliability, riskiness/precariousness.
  82. Abstain from (verb) – refrain, desist, avoid, hold back.
  83. Resolution (noun) – decision, declaration; ruling/verdict.
  84. Encapsulate (verb) – express succinctly, summarize, contain, sum up, give a summary of. 
  85. Persecution (noun) – oppression, victimization, discrimination.
  86. Resume (verb) – restart, start again, return to.
  87. Humanitarian (adjective) – compassionate, humane, socially concerned.

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