The Hindu Vocabulary (Lead Article – A monetisation move that doesn’t tick most boxes) – 31 August, 2021

  1. Kick start (verb) – to make something start quickly.
  2. Stream (noun) – a continuous flow of something.
  3. Revenue stream (noun) – a regular/continuous series of revenue coming from a business.
  4. Freight (noun) – goods, cargo, consignment, shipment.
  5. Corridor (noun) – a strip/swathe of land linking two areas (particularly by a road).
  6. Yield (verb) – produce, give, provide (financial return/gain).
  7. Mobilise (verb) – (of resources) bring together for a specific cause.
  8. Conceptually (adverb) – notionally, unpragmatically, speculatively, hypothetically.
  9. Desperate (adjective) – urgent, pressing, compelling, serious.
  10. Shore up (phrasal verb) – support, help, assist (financially); strengthen, fortify, buttress.
  11. Dismal (adjective) – bad, poor, dreadful, awful, terrible.
  12. Stagnant (adjective) – inactive, sluggish, slow, dormant.
  13. Steep (adjective) – sudden, sharp, rapid.
  14. Distress sale (noun) – also called a distressed sale or fire sale; the urgent sale of assets/properties at reduced prices (for quick funds).
  15. Factor in (phrasal verb) – take into consideration, include.
  16. Dire (adjective) – terrible, dreadful, appalling, shocking, grave, serious, woeful.
  17. Beat down (phrasal verb) – compel to decrease the price of something.
  18. Envisage (verb) – intend, propose, envision, contemplate.
  19. Entail (verb) – involve something unavoidable; necessitate, require, demand, call for.
  20. Entity (noun) – organization, body, institution, establishment.
  21. Upfront (adverb) – openly, frankly, candidly, forthrightly.
  22. Consideration (noun) – payment, fee, premium.
  23. Implicit (adjective) – implied, indirect, understood; inherent, inbuilt, underlying.
  24. Footnote (noun) – less important thing/mater; additional thing/matter.
  25. Stake (noun) – share, interest, involvement, concern (in a situation/system).
  26. Feeble (adjective) – poor, weak, unsatisfactory, insubstantial, ineffective.
  27. Misstep (noun) – mistake, blunder, false step.
  28. Tap (verb) – make use of, put to use, use, utilize, deploy, exploit.
  29. Boom (noun) – a period of rapid economic growth.
  30. Plummet (verb) – plunge, drop, nosedive, decrease.
  31. Indebted (adjective) – owing money; obligated to repay a monetary loan.
  32. Lending (noun) – financing.
  33. Oligarch (noun) – Russia’s richest business people who have considerable political influence.
  34. Picturesquely (adverb) – strikingly, vividly, clearly, realistically.
  35. In the cross-hairs (phrase) – something which is being aimed at by. (crosshairs – very thin crossed wires in the microscope/gun/etc which are used to focus/aim something preciously).
  36. Reel from (verb) – to be in a confused condition; to feel upset; to be shocked by the situation.
  37. Legacy (noun) – something received from a predecessor or from the past.
  38. In sight (phrase) – observable, noticeable, visible, recognizable, near at hand.
  39. Moot (verb) – put forward, introduce, present.
  40. Worthwhile (adjective) – valuable, helpful, useful.
  41. Jog one’s memory (phrase) – stimulate, prompt, stir, activate.
  42. Recall (verb) – remember, recollect, call to mind, think of.
  43. Initiation (noun) – the act of initiating; beginning, starting, commencement.
  44. Off-load (verb) – dispose of, dump, jettison, get rid of (something by selling it).
  45. Booming (adjective) – flourishing, burgeoning, thriving, prospering, successful.
  46. Euphoria (noun) – elation, excitement, delight/happiness.
  47. Short-lived (adjective) – brief, short, short-term, temporary, transitory.
  48. In the wake of (phrase) – as a result of, in the aftermath of, as a consequence of.
  49. Stall (verb) – stop, obstruct, impede, hinder, hamper.
  50. Discredit (verb) – disprove, prove false/wrong, invalidate, refute, reject, challenge, dispute.
  51. Enamour (verb) – enchanted by, fascinated by, captivated by.
  52. All over again (phrase) – from the beginning again.
  53. Apprehend (verb) – expect, foresee, predict, forecast, contemplate; fathom, comprehend, realize.
  54. Bubble (noun) – a very fast increase in the asset prices with subsequent decline of the economy.
  55. Heightened (adjective) – intensified, increased.
  56. Uncertainty (noun) – unpredictability, unreliability, riskiness, unsureness, indecision.
  57. Inflow (noun) – a flow of a large amount of something to a particular place.
  58. Dry up (phrasal verb) – dwindle, wane, disappear, vanish, run out.
  59. Throw up (phrasal verb) – produce something.
  60. Aggregate (verb) – combine, merge, join, consolidate.
  61. Nothing short of (phrase) – nothing less than.
  62. Anchor (verb) – impart/give a firm base/foundation/basis.
  63. Acutely (adverb) – extremely, seriously.
  64. Revival (noun) – improvement, rallying, picking up; re-establishment, reintroduction, restoration.
  65. Fickle (adjective) – changeable, variable, volatile, mercurial, unpredictable; inconstant, disloyal, undependable, unstable, unfaithful.
  66. Frothy (adjective) – insubstantial, lightweight/lacking substance, empty.
  67. Flush with (adjective) – well supplied with, replete with, overflowing with, loaded with, overloaded with.
  68. Crowd out (phrasal verb) – exclude, oust, overthrow, remove someone from a place by taking their space.
  69. Inflationary (adjective) – tending to cause monetary inflation.
  70. Overhang (noun) – a situation which is lingering, indecisive and it is also having (a negative effect).
  71. Bottleneck (noun) – a condition which appears as not solvable and so delays the process; setback, problem, issue, snag, difficulty.
  72. Red flagged (adjective) – determined as a reason to worry.
  73. Denominator (noun) – the bottom number in a fraction; 3 is a denominator in 2/3.
  74. Portfolio (noun) – a range of products or services.
  75. Skyrocket (verb) – rise, increase, escalate, mount; mushroom, snowball.
  76. Hazard (noun) – danger, threat, risk.
  77. In perspective (phrase) – to think about something (e.g. A situation) wisely and reasonably.
  78. Sum up (phrasal verb) – summarize, review, evaluate, assess, appraise.
  79. Ambitious (adjective) – formidable, challenging, demanding.
  80. Cronyism (noun) – favouritism, nepotism, patronage. Crony capitalism is a term describing an economy in which success in business depends on close relationships between business people and government officials.
  81. Derail (verb) – obstruct, interrupt, impede/thwart.
  82. Crowd in (phrasal verb) – bring in, introduce.

Source : The Hindu Newspaper

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